The Origin of Words

Latin is often referred to as a ‘dead language’, but in fact it is the origin of words in many languages still spoken today. This language was first written and spoken in ancient Rome, Italy. Today, it is still spoken in some religious sects and by clergy members, and is still used to originate many new words. Many classic pieces of literature were first written in Latin, and it is still taught in most high schools and college universities. There are three main old types of Latin: archaic, classical, and vulgar, which was often spoken by many of the great Romans including Plautus and Cicero. The Latin language continued to be used into the medieval and renaissance periods throughout Europe, and there is still a form of modern Latin utilized by the Catholic and Anglican Churches today. Latin is an intricate language and is an excellent way to understand how much of modern English was crafted. Everything from military and medical terminology to colleges still use Latin phrases in their slogans and as a tool for work, mostly for doctors. While Latin may be considered a dead language, there is no doubt it still continues to play an important role in language today.

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