Word Morph Game

Play the Word Morph game by changing one letter in the starting word to form a new word. Repeat the process until you spell the ending word. This game is hard, but all puzzles can be solved in 10 moves or less. You are given 5 minutes and 1000 points at the start of each game. The scoring rules are:

  • 1 point is deducted for each second that passes.
  • 100 points are deducted each time answers are submitted but not correct.
  • 250 points are deducted for each hint.

Here’s an example where GEEK is morphed into DORK:




Words may be removed from the list by clicking “Remove Last Entry” without penalty.

If the “Submit Answers” button is clicked, answers are validated and, if correct, are given a score and the game is over. If the answers are not correct a 100 point penalty is assessed and you may continue playing.

Taking a hint will remove any invalid words in the list, then add a new word at the end of the list. Taking a hint incurs a 250 point penalty, so use it sparingly.

If you take too many penalty points the game is over and the high score list is displayed. If you fail to solve the puzzle, the correct answer will not be shown.

Good Luck and Have Fun!