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Crossword Answers: ___-acid-(soap-ingredient)
OLEIC___ acid (soap ingredient)
STEARIC___ acid (soap ingredient)
ALOESoap ingredient
PALMOILSoap ingredient
TALLOWSoap ingredient
OLEOOILSoap ingredient
ALOEVERASoap ingredient
OLEATESoap ingredient
POTASHSoap ingredient
LANOLINSoap ingredient
DRAMASoap ingredient?
MELODRAMASoap ingredient?
LUSTSoap ingredient?
DESIRESoap ingredient?
SHEA___ butter (soap ingredient)
OATMEALPorridge cereal also used as a soap ingredient
WOLFE"The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" author
BASEAcid's opposite
SMARTDRINKSBeverages with amino acids and vitamins
PEPTIDEIt has two or more amino acids

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