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Crossword Answers: ___-Peres-(St.-Louis-suburb)
DES___ Peres (St. Louis suburb)
ALTONSt. Louis suburb
URGESt. Louis ska/thrash metal band The ___
HASSLEHarry has first signs of St Louis encephalitis (6)
TSELIOTPoet born in St. Louis
MISSOURIThis US river meets the Mississippi near St Louis
REDBIRDSt. Louis Cardinal, informally
THEWORLDSFAIR1904 St. Louis event
ITASCAMinnesota county west of St. Louis
ICONGateway Arch, for St. Louis, e.g.
CHUCKBerry of St. Louis
WSWIndianapolis-to-St. Louis dir.
SPIRITLindbergh's The ___ of St. Louis
COLENat King ___, singer-actor who starred as W C Handy in the 1958 biopic St Louis Blues (4)
RIBSFare that might be Kansas City-style or St. Louis-style
NEWENGLANDAmerican football team that beat St Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI (3,7,8)
NOTRE___ Pere (Parisian prayer)
ILEParis's ___ Saint-Louis
GATEWAYARCHSaint Louis landmark
IHATETOFirst words of "Saint Louis Blues"
NOBELISTSArafat, Peres and Rabin, e.g.
BENGURIONSubject of a 2011 biography by Shimon Peres
SHALOMSHIMONShamir's words to Peres?
RABINPredecessor of Peres
ISRAELIDAILYPeres perusal?
ISRAELIPeres or Rabin
AINEEPere's eldest daughter
SHAMIRIsraeli prime minister before and after Peres
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