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Crossword Answers: ___-Peres-(St.-Louis-suburb)
DES___ Peres (St. Louis suburb)
ALTONSt. Louis suburb
HANDY"St. Louis Blues" composer
WCHANDY"St. Louis Blues" composer
MEET" ___ Me in St. Louis, Louis"
MEETME"- in St. Louis"
AMES"Meet Me in St. Louis" actor
PEARLBAILEY"St. Louis Woman" actress/singer
STAN"The Man" of St. Louis
SHIMON1994 Peace Nobelist Peres
YITZHAKSHAMIRBefore and after Shimon Peres
ARAFATCo-Nobelist of Rabin and Peres
ISRAELISGolda Meir and Shimon Peres
SHALOMGreeting from Peres
MARIETTAAtlanta suburb
SMYRNAAtlanta suburb
BRYN-- Mawr (Philly suburb)
SALEMA suburb of Boston
ETNAA suburb of Pittsburgh
ESSENAltendorf is a suburb of it
ESSEXBaltimore suburb
IMETA"... to St. Ives, ___ man with..."
TWAS"A Visit From St. Nicholas" opener
MOORE"A Visit from St. Nicholas" author

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