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Crossword Answers: ___-Day-(July-1)
CANADA___ Day (July 1)
BASTILLE___ Day (July 14)
SANBattle of ___ Juan Hill, July 1-2, 1898
GETTYSBURGJuly 1-3, 1863
SUGARThis was rationed beginning July 1, 1918
CANADADAYJuly 1 celebration
ANY" ___ Day Now" (Bob Dylan hit)
ANDA"A year ___ day"
INA"All ___ Day" (Brent Bambury CBC Radio One show)
ITA"Call ___ day"
ANOTHER"Die ___ Day" (James Bond movie)
ITS"Every dog has ___ day"
ANICE"Have ___ day!"
NICE"Have a ___ day!"
STONE"Born on the Fourth of July" director
OLIVERSTONE"Born on the Fourth of July" director
ASAFLAG"...___ on the Fourth of July"
RON"Born on the Fourth of July" subject Kovic
ELLENDREW"Christmas in July" actress
EARLWEAVER"Don't worry, the fans don't start booing until July."
SCOPES"Monkey Trial" defendant of July 1925
STEPHENFOSTER"Oh! Susanna" songwriter born July 4, 1826
EVAMARIESAINT"On the Waterfront" actress born July 4, 1924

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