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Crossword Answers: ___-Day-(July-1)
CANADA___ Day (July 1)
BASTILLE___ Day (July 14)
CANADADAYJuly 1 celebration
SUGARThis was rationed beginning July 1, 1918
GETTYSBURGJuly 1-3, 1863
PATRICKSSt. ___ Day; March 17th
PELE___ Day (November 19, in Brazil)
AFTERDay ___ day; continuously
NEESandra O'Connor, ___ Day
AGOOD"___ Day to Die Hard"; Bruce Willis movie
PANCAKE___ Day (7)
ASNOWLisa Loeb "It's ___ day"
VALENTINESFeb 14, ___ Day
MEALSThe community service ... On Wheels started operating in Melbourne on July 1, 1953
SANBattle of ___ Juan Hill, July 1-2, 1898
XMEN"___-___: Days of Future Past"; 2014 film
HAPPY"___ Days"
STRANGEKathryn Bigelow sci-fi film; _ Days (7)
TEN"___ Days" by Celine Dion
LATTERMother Mother song "___ Days"
LAST"The ___ Days of Disco" (1998)
EMBER___ days, in Lent
HALCYON___ days (happy time in the past)
STONE"Born on the Fourth of July" director
OLIVERSTONE"Born on the Fourth of July" director
ASAFLAG"...___ on the Fourth of July"

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