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Crossword Answers: ___-Day-(July-1)
CANADA___ Day (July 1)
BASTILLE___ Day (July 14)
CANADADAYJuly 1 celebration
SUGARThis was rationed beginning July 1, 1918
GETTYSBURGJuly 1-3, 1863
SANBattle of ___ Juan Hill, July 1-2, 1898
CONEFree ___ Day (annual Ben & Jerry's event)
TALKLIKEAPIRATE___ Day (September 19th celebration)
OAKAPPLE___ Day, former public holiday on May 29 in Britain commemorating the Restoration in 1660 (3,5)
YEARSNew ____ Day
SOULSAll ___ Day
PAGEA___-day calendar
CECILBritish poet laureate ___ Day-Lewis
MLK___ Day (third Mon. in January)
AHARDBeatles" "___Day's Night"
BAD"___ Day": Hit by #24-Across
CALVINISMReligious doctrine whose founder was born July 10, 1509
HAMMONDPhilip ___, Foreign Secretary appointed in July 2014 (7)
BIRTHDAYSUITDelivery for father on Fourth of July? Legal action to follow is bound to be very revealing! (8,4)
ENORMITYLooking back to end of July, Timothy is on Rhone losing his head - it gives some idea of huge proble
FAIRYGODMOTHERSCarnival on Fourth of July gets almighty close to father's benefactors from pantomimes (5,10)
FLESHYMatthew said it was weak at the end of July for stout (6)
AIRYPlenty of room to broadcast on Fourth of July (4)
SEMINARYLooks after potential ministers to replace marines on the Fourth of July (8)

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