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Crossword Answers: ___-Bay-(South-China-Sea-inlet)
SUBIC___ Bay (South China Sea inlet)
HSIRiver to the South China Sea
MEKONGRiver to the South China Sea
HONKERSGeese in the South China Sea? (7)
ANNAMA communist state in Indochina on the South China Sea.
TAIWANIsland in the South China Sea
MACAORegion on the South China Sea
DANANGVietnamese port on the South China Sea
BRUNEISultanate on the South China Sea
MALAYSIALand on the South China Sea
NAMCountry west of the South China Sea, for short
OSMANWhich Malay pirate of the South China Seas built a fort on Borneo's Langkon River where he and his 2
ESTUARYSea inlet
BAYSea inlet
RIASea inlet
AQABAGulf of __: Red Sea inlet
PAPUALarge Coral Sea inlet
ARM___ of the sea (inlet)
FIORDSea inlet: Var.
FJORDNorth Sea inlet
DUNDALKIrish Sea inlet ___ Bay
BLASGulf of San ___ (Caribbean Sea inlet)
HONGKONGEx-crown colony in south China (4,4)
HANKArticle in South China provides lengthy yarn (4)
MACAUSouth China seaport
BOTANYBAYTasman Sea inlet where James Cook landed in 1770 in HMS Endeavour (6,3)

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