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Crossword Answers: Without-flaw
TOATEEWithout flaw
IMPECCABLEWithout flaw or error (10)
PERFWithout flaw (abbr.)
PERFECTFITMatch without flaws
IDEALOne sort of wood that's without flaws
FATAL__ flaw
POTHOLEFlaw in a road surface (7)
WRATHFULVery angry with flaw Ruth uncovered
DYSLEXIASource of a character flaw?
ENVY"Snow White" character flaw
EGONarcissus' flaw
LOGICALFALLACYFlaw in an argument
BIASSampling flaw
SCUFFWing-tip flaw
LISPSpeech flaw
EGOMANIADorian Gray's flaw
HALFWITSThis flaw cracks up local clowns (8)
MARTINMASFlaw with matins arranged for saint"s day (9)
ONECRACKMINDObsession with the flaw in the Liberty Bell?
WATERLEAFA plant, or a tree, with flaw growing wild (5,4)
DEFLECTChange direction of student engulfed by flaw (7)
WATERFALLSudden drop of current - flaw later rectified (9)
LAWSUITLost fable about flaw suitable for legal action (7)
LADDEROne making ace lace, perhaps, seeing flaw in underwear (6)
NITPICKEROne who points out every perceived flaw
HALFWITStrike about silly flaw revealed by fool
LOOPHOLEFlaw or ambiguity in a rule (8)
SCHOLARMark admits flaw not entirely intellectual (7)

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