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Crossword Answers: Window-envelope-material
GLASSINEWindow envelope material
MANILLAEnvelope material (Var.)
MANILAEnvelope material
CORONAAtmospheric envelope
EDGIERMore envelope-pushing
BIRTHDAYSUITBuff envelope with vital contents? (8,4)
NAKEDUsing a buff envelope? (5)
MERMAIDSPURSEEnvelope containing fertilised shark eggs (8,5)
POSTAGESTAMPLabel stuck on envelope (12)
WINDOWTransparent part of envelope (6)
JIFFYBAGPadded envelope (5,3)
SEPALPart of a flower's outer envelope (5)
ESQUIREMale title on an envelope (7)
ADDRESSERSpeech about to be returned by one writing out the envelope
POLYGRAPHAfter a test like this is administered on his show, Dr. Phil opens a sealed envelope to reveal the r
POSTAGEIt may be "due" on an envelope without enough stamps
TOTALECLIPSEComplete obliteration of story on pieces of film in digital envelope (5,7)
EASEDFacilitated return by stamped addressed envelope to editor (5)
OPENLETTERSlit the envelope; it's not a private communication (4,6)
PAPERKNIFEDevice for opening envelopes (5,5)
LETTEROPENERImplement for tearing envelopes (6,6)
ADDRESSESSpeeches written on envelopes (9)
PESOSValuables in certain Manila envelopes
RAVIOLISmall pasta envelopes stuffed with various fillings
NINEINCHLike the width of many foot-long envelopes
ERRANDRuin envelopes cleric and Mendoza finally in The Mission (6)
EGGAnimal reproductive body consisting of an ovum or embryo together with nutritive and protective enve

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