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Crossword Answers: Window-envelope-material
GLASSINEWindow envelope material
MANILLAEnvelope material (Var.)
MANILAEnvelope material
DATESTAMPMark on an envelope indicating time of posting (4,5)
BUFFEnvelope colour (4)
NYNYEnvelope abbr. for Manhattan
RODMANPushing the envelope, say
INCARE___ of (envelope phrase)
STEAMOPENUnseal surreptitiously, as an envelope
MAILINSubmit via a stamped envelope
PLAYITSAFENot push the envelope
NOMINEEName in an envelope
ESTSBack-of-the-envelope figs.
MAILEDSent in a stamped envelope
SFCAForty Niners' home, in envelope shorthand
MESAAZCity near Phoenix, on an envelope
WAXSealer that might close a love letter envelope
LTREnvelope enclosure: Abbr.
CITYSTATEANDZIPLine on an envelope

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