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Crossword Answers: Window-envelope-material
GLASSINEWindow envelope material
MANILLAEnvelope material (Var.)
MANILAEnvelope material
COMAComet envelope
ICONPicture of an envelope, e.g.
UNSEALSOpens an envelope at the Oscars, e.g.
SWEETENERIt's the brown envelope, Sugar (9)
BUFFEnvelope colour (4)
NYNYEnvelope abbr. for Manhattan
RODMANPushing the envelope, say
INCARE___ of (envelope phrase)
STEAMOPENUnseal surreptitiously, as an envelope
MAILINSubmit via a stamped envelope
MELISSA"Come to My Window" singer Etheridge
BURR"Rear Window" actor
LISA"Rear Window" heroine
MISSTORSO"Rear Window" neighbor who was a dancer
RIPOSTEWith 'Registered Mail' stuck on front of envelope I enclosed reply (7)
ENLISTEngage with very minor celebrity to attend opening of envelope? (6)
OBOEOrchestral piece initially written on back of envelope (4)
EASESweetheart tears up small type of envelope without difficulty (4)
DATESTAMPMark on an envelope indicating time of posting (4,5)
PLAYITSAFENot push the envelope
ROMEO"But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?" speaker
PETSHOP"How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?" locale
ONO"I Felt Like Smashing My Face in a Clear Glass Window" singer
PESOSValuables in certain Manila envelopes
RAVIOLISmall pasta envelopes stuffed with various fillings
SELFADDRESSEDLike some envelopes (2 words)
CLAUSSurname on many December envelopes
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