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Crossword Answers: Windbag's-speech
SCREEDWindbag's speech
HOTAIRWindbag's bagful
ILLBEBRIEFWindbag's lie?
BOASTWindbag's offering
HOT___ air (windbag's output)
SCREEDSWindbags' speeches
GUMSWindbags beat them
TIRADEAngry speech
RANTAngry speech
OROF"... abridging the freedom of speech, ___ the press..." (Bill of Rights)
KSENGLISH"Proper" speech
PEEL"The adjective is the banana ___ of the parts of speech" (Clifton Fadiman)
MUSIC"The speech of angels": Carlyle
NOR"There is no speech -- language...": Psalms
BERUDE"Though I___in speech.": II
FALA"___ Speech" (9/23/44 F.D.R. address)
ALLBEEFFRANKWITHYOU'___... I didn't expect this!' (weeniest acceptance speech?)
ADVA pt. of speech
THANKAcceptance speech word
ARABICAl Jazeera speech
NOUNBasic speech part
ORATEDBecame a figure of speech?
SEARLEBerkeley philosophy prof who supported the Free Speech Movement
TOASTBest man's speech
ORATIONBig speech
FIGHTOFOURLIVESBill Moyers speech on income inequality in America, with "The"
PARROTBird that imitates human speech
MYNAHSBirds that can mimic human speech
TEXTBody of a speech
MONOTONEBoring speech
PARSEBreak down and identify the parts of speech of, as a sentence
YESBrief acceptance speech?
WDSBrief speech

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