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Crossword Answers: Wilson-Pickett-hit-of-1966
MUSTANGSALLYWilson Pickett hit of 1966
DONTWilson Pickett hit "___ Knock My Love"
SUNNYAFTERNOONThe Kinks hit of 1966
THEBIBLEReligious film hit of 1966
WHENAMLOVESAWPercy Sledge hit of 1966
IMABELIEVERMonkees hit of 1966
MIDNIGHTHOURTime in the title of a 1965 Wilson Pickett hit
IMPULSEWilson Pickett song for female Ford driver (7,5)
CHEVROLET"Mustang ___," '50s Wilson Pickett song
THELIONINWINTERBeastly Broadway play of 1966
YELLOWSUBMARINETop-10 tune of 1966
JOYADAMSONVirginia McKenna movie role of 1966
IAMAROCKTop 10 song of 1966
WHATSITALLABOUTSong question of 1966
SOUNDSOFSILENCESimon and Garfunkel album of 1966
FANTASTICVOYAGESci-fi classic of 1966
ALOUN.L. batting champ of 1966
LENAMusical autobiography of 1966
MUSTANG"All you wanna do is ride around, Sally" ride (Wilson Pickett lyric)
TWIGGYThis model was declared to be the face of 1966
PUTTSThey're hits, of course (5)
IPODMINISTech hits of the mid-2000s
PLATINUMRECORDSBig hits of a sort
TOE"___ Hold" by Wilson Pickett
MONSTERMASHNo. 1 hit for Bobby "Boris" Pickett
MAMEMusical about the eccentric widow of Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside

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