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Crossword Answers: Widens,-as-a-hole
REAMSWidens, as a hole
REAMWiden, as a hole
SPACESOUTWidens, as a heading
REAMEDEnlarges, as a hole
DARNSew up, as a hole
STOPUPPlug, as a hole
RIMSJust misses, as a hole
MEANExtremely dangerous, as a hole
STOVEBroke in, as a hole in a hull
RIMMEDBarely missed, as a hole
FACEUPNot dealt as a hole card
DILATEWiden, as a pupil
CORKEDPlaced a stopper in a hole
BUNGEDPlaced a stopper in a hole
APERTUREPurer tea found in a hole ... (8)
GARDENINGFinally digging a hole within enclosure? (9)
INVENTORCreator of a hole in wrought iron
ROOSTERCock finds list with a hole in it
STOPPERPlug for sealing a hole (7)
DARNEDRed and having had a hole mended (6)
MAKEPARFinish a hole between a birdie and a bogey
SPUDIt makes a hole in the ground for a potato (4)
INCOMMODEPut out hip on chair with a hole in the middle?
OCHREBrown jumper down a hole, cape on top... (5)
COSTUMEDress uniform worn inside made a hole in my pocket
STROKEOFLUCKThe good fortune needed to get a hole in one?
ICOULDEATAHORSECar crashed into a hole outside, as delayed lunch guest might say

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