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Crossword Answers: Widens,-as-a-hole
REAMSWidens, as a hole
SPACESOUTWidens, as a heading
REAMEDEnlarges, as a hole
DARNSew up, as a hole
STOPUPPlug, as a hole
RIMSJust misses, as a hole
MEANExtremely dangerous, as a hole
REAMEnlarge, as a hole
RIMMEDBarely missed, as a hole
FACEUPNot dealt as a hole card
STOVEBroke in, as a hole in a hull
INONEA hole __
FAXPAPERPasse roll with a hole
HALVEDraw a hole (5)
BORINGMaking a hole seem uninteresting? (6)
PIERCEDPut a hole through (7)
PIERCEMake a hole in (6)
CAVITYA hole with a guinea pig round it (6)
SPEARIt can make a hole in bad pears (5)
WAPITIThere's a hole in the Women's Institute produced by American dear we hear (6)
PITAPATA few quick light steps down a hole with a fellow from Ireland (3-1-3)
BUCKETSHow come they have a hole in them and they still hold water? (7)
BEADSmall ball with a hole through the middle (4)
GAPSticking a plaster round a hole (3)
ELBOWPart of a shirt that may develop a hole
KRONEEuropean coin with a hole in it
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