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Crossword Answers: Widens,-as-a-hole
REAMSWidens, as a hole
SPACESOUTWidens, as a heading
REAMEDEnlarges, as a hole
RIMMEDBarely missed, as a hole
STOVEBroke in, as a hole in a hull
REAMEnlarge, as a hole
MEANExtremely dangerous, as a hole
RIMSJust misses, as a hole
FACEUPNot dealt as a hole card
STOPUPPlug, as a hole
BOAT"A hole in the water surrounded by wood into which you pour money," so they say
PUN"I threw away my golf shoes when I got a hole-in-one," for example
LIZA'Dear' woman in 'There's a Hole in the Bucket'
HIGHHOPES1959 Academy Award-winner from "A Hole in the Head"
PIERCEDEARA hole in the head?
SAFEA hole in the wall?
EYELETA hole near the sole
OZONEAtmospheric layer with a "hole" in it
CANIT"Shut your pie hole!"
ZIPIT"Shut your pie hole!"
UNDERANALIAS"If you were me, how would you have played that hole, caddy?"
ITA"Make ___ double!" (nineteenth hole request)
IGO"Mind if ___ first?" (opening hole question)
HUSHYOURMOTH"Quiet down that hole-making insect!"?

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