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Crossword Answers: Widens,-as-a-hole
REAMSWidens, as a hole
REAMWiden, as a hole
SPACESOUTWidens, as a heading
REAMEDEnlarges, as a hole
DARNSew up, as a hole
STOPUPPlug, as a hole
RIMSJust misses, as a hole
MEANExtremely dangerous, as a hole
STOVEBroke in, as a hole in a hull
RIMMEDBarely missed, as a hole
FACEUPNot dealt as a hole card
DILATEWiden, as a pupil
RECESSBreak a hole in a wall (6)
SHOETraffic has a "Hole" in theirs
FAXPAPERPasse roll with a hole
INONEA hole __
HALVEDraw a hole (5)
BORINGMaking a hole seem uninteresting? (6)
BLONDERaymond Chandler described one of his fair-haired lovelies as, "A ... to make a bishop kick a hole i
CHOOSEPick a hundred socks with a hole in (6)
GROMMETPlastic or metal eyelet used to reinforce a hole made in clothing or shoes
MENACINGBlokes getting a hole in one must be threatening (8)
PAR3Hole whose eagle would be a hole-in-one
BREACHPut a hole in part of the rifle, we hear (6)
REEVEAnglo-Saxon magistrate - female bird - pass (a rope) through a hole (5)
ABYSSINIALand a hole in one, an amazing start! (9)
CAVITYA hole with a guinea pig round it (6)
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