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Crossword Answers: West-African-tree
AKEEWest African tree
BAOBABAfrican tree
KOLAAfrican tree
MAMBAAfrican tree snake
ROKATallow-yielding African tree
MAMBASDeadly African tree-dwellers
TOGOWest African country
BENINWest African country
MALIWest African country
GHANAWest African country
LIBERIAWest African country
GABONWest African country
DAKARWest African capital
ACCRAWest African capital
LOMEWest African capital
TSHIA West African language
LAGOSFormer West African capital
ASHANTIOnetime West African kingdom
JUJUSWest African amulets
LEONESWest African coins
GREY"Code of the West" author
ZANEGREY"Code of the West" author
IMBAD"... when ___, I'm better": Mae West
HAI"...having Bethel on the west, and ___ on the east" (Gen 1
ILOOK"...when ___ to the West..." ("Stairway to Heaven" line)
ANITA"America" singer in "West Side Story"
ADAM"Batman" actor West
MEA"Beulah, peel ___ grape" (Mae West film line)
MEAGRAPE"Beulah, peel ___": West request
ZANE"Code of the West" author Grey
ION"Damn, was ___ crack?" (Kanye West lyric)
SPENGLER"Decline of the West" author
MARX"Go West" name
MAE"Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It" autobiographer West

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