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Crossword Answers: West-African-tree
KOLAWest African tree
AKEEWest African tree
YOHIMBEWest African tree
OBECHELarge West African tree
GABOONTropical West African tree with dark mahogany-like wood (6)
BAOBABAfrican tree
MAMBASDeadly African tree-dwellers
ROKATallow-yielding African tree
MAMBAAfrican tree snake
SENEGALESEWest African cuisine
ANANSIWest African mythological spider-man
ANGOLADiamond-rich south-west African nation
GRIOTSWest African storytellers
SIERRAWest African country, ... Leone
NIGERIAWest African republic (7)
DASHIKIWest African garb
SHEATropical African tree whose oily seeds yield a fat used in soap manufacture (4)
OILPALMUsed to attract attention to friend in Leitrim with African tree (3,4)
POTTOIt typically hangs onto its West African branches to put by accumulated cash (5)
EQUATORIALWest African republic whose capital is Malabo (10,6)
HAUSASuspicion falls on large power in West African dialogue (5)
IBERIAWest African country with no port connecting Spain and Portugal (6)
COASTWest African republic now officially known as Cote d'Ivoire, Ivory ...
IVORYWest African country whose capital is Yamoussoukro (5,5)
BAOBABSAfrican trees with thick trunks
KLASAfrican trees with nutlike seeds
LATEKanye West's "___ Registration"
ALLKanye West's "___ Falls Down"
EASTSWests opposites
LUSTYLike Mae West's persona
EASTERNDuring the cold war the Warsaw Pact countries were called the ... bloc (as opposed to the West's NAT
FISHERMANMorris West's 1963 novel, The Shoes Of The ...
GRAPEMae West's line from I'm No Angel, "Beulah, peel me a ..."
AFTERGLOWFog later obscured west's trace of sunset (9)
SYCAMORE"... and their ___ trees with frost" (Ps. 78:47)
BITSOF"... apple trees and ___ garden ground": Jewett
DEFORESTATION"Hazel" star Don once worked as a broadcaster in a clearing of trees.
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