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Crossword Answers: West-African-tree
YOHIMBEWest African tree
AKEEWest African tree
KOLAWest African tree
OBECHELarge West African tree
GABOONTropical West African tree with dark mahogany-like wood (6)
BAOBABAfrican tree
ARABICAAfrican tree cultivated for coffee (7)
MAMBASDeadly African tree-dwellers
ROKATallow-yielding African tree
MAMBAAfrican tree snake
OKRAVegetable that's West African or Korean, oddly
EBOLAScary west African virus
GRIOTWest African storyteller
YYOUNDEWest African capital slightly changed ... (7)
ASSAGAISouthern African tree used to make spears (7)
AMBATCHAfrican tree, initially burgeoning in a competition (7)
SHEATropical African tree whose oily seeds yield a fat used in soap manufacture (4)
OILPALMUsed to attract attention to friend in Leitrim with African tree (3,4)
MARIMBALatin American percussion instrument of West African origin (7)
KWAMain branch of Niger-Congo West African languages (3)
SWAPOSouth West African People's Organisation, founded 1960 (5)
GUINEABISSAUWest African republic bordered by Senegal to the north (6-6)
BENIGNAvuncular head of government in West African nation (6)
SOMALIThus a West African country becomes an East African (6)

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