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Crossword Answers: Well-organized
INAPPLEPIEORDERVery well organized
TOGETHERWell-organized, in a sense
INAHEAPNot at all well-organized
CONFUSEDNot organized
DISORIENTEDNot organized
DISORDERLYNot organized
FORMLESSNot organized
TIDIERMore organized
NEATERMore organized
UNIONJOCKBanner of organized athletes?
PLANBe organized, in a way
UPSTATEOFTHEUNIONFurther north than organized workers?
FORMATSGets organized
AMAGrp. organized by Nathan Smith Davis
NEAGrp. that organized Operation Homecoming
JESSEVENTURAHe recently said, "Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people"
ANTSHighly organized insects
PUBLICBUSESIn 1956, Martin Luther King Jr. organized a boycott of these in Montgomery, Alabama: 2 wds.
NEATLYIn an organized way
CRIMEIt may be organized
ESTESKefauver who won fame investigating organized crime
CESARCHAVEZLabor leader who organized migrant farmworkers: 2 wds.
RICOLaw used to fight organized crime, acronymically
NEATLike organized desks
IRAM. Collins organized it
OLYMPIAManet painting that Monet organized a subscription to buy
NEATESTMost organized
STACKNeatly organized chips
COOPERUNIONNew York college where the Red Cross and NAACP were organized

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