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Crossword Answers: Well-organized
TOGETHERWell-organized, in a sense
INAPPLEPIEORDERVery well organized
INAHEAPNot at all well-organized
SPIRITSDrinks for trips is organized (7)
UNIONOrganized labor group
ASSNSOrganized bodies: Abbr.
REGROUPEDRe-organized troops
POSSESheriff-organized group
REVOLTOrganized opposition to authority (6)
UNIONSHOPEstablishment with organized workers
EMPRESSCORPSOrganized group of female monarchs?
OPENSHOPIt hasn't been organized
UNIONLABEL*Tag promoting organized labor
POLITYAn organized society
TOURSOrganized excursions
BAGMENOrganized crime collectors
TEAMOrganized group
SORTPut into organized piles
PROPAGANDAOrganized rumor-spreading
TOUROrganized studio visit
ONETHINKATATIMEHow organized philosophers deal with ideas?
RECUSEMISSIONOrganized effort to get a different judge?
GANGUPAct as an organized group against someone (4,2)
MURDERINCOrganized crime enforcers of the 1930s-'40s
CHIVETALKINHerb lovers' chat organized by Sarah Palin?
POLITICIAN___, n. An eel in the fundamental mud upon which the superstructure of organized society is reared.

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