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Crossword Answers: Walters-impersonator-on-
OTERIWalters impersonator on "Saturday Night Live"
PISCOPOSinatra impersonator on "S.N.L."
ANACeline impersonator on "Saturday Night Live"
RENOCabinet member who once appeared beside her impersonator on "S.N.L."
DELAMAREWalter's in a state, wife becoming male
EMMITTHe broke Walter's NFL career rushing record
FOXEVIL2002 novel by Minette Walters (3,4)
TALISMANSir Walter's novel charm (8)
OSCARWalter's "Odd Couple" role
SAULWalter's attorney on "Breaking Bad"
KEVINKerrod Walters' twin (5)
BARBARASWalters and Stanwyck
INTERVIEWWalters specialty
JESSEWalter's meth-dealing partner
ACIDROW2001 novel by Minette Walters (4,3)
RADNERWalters portrayer on "S.N.L."
DANWalter's on-air successor
BABSJournalist Walters, casually
BENEATHAWalter's sister in "A Raisin in the Sun"
PERSONAL1987 film comedy starring Julie Walters and Alec McCowen (8,8)
WIGFemale impersonator's hairpiece
BRADAGENCYGroup that represents Pitt impersonators?
DRAGSHOWIt often features diva impersonators
LIP___-sync (what impersonators do)
CAPEElvis impersonator's accessory
BETTEDIVASTemperamental Midler impersonators?
SILVERMEDALSAwful Elvis impersonator's last, with Motorhead and Slade take-off getting second prizes (6,6)
RACE"RuPaul's Drag ___" (reality show about female impersonators)

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