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Crossword Answers: Violent-whirlpool
MAELSTROMViolent whirlpool
SWIRLINGBATHWhirlpool bath
VERYHOTBATHWhirlpool bath
JACUZZIWhirlpool bath
CONTRASTBATHWhirlpool bath
AMANAWhirlpool alternative
MASSAGEWhirlpool alternative
MAYTAGWhirlpool alternative
OVENMITTWhirlpool protection, perhaps
CHARYBDISMonstrous whirlpool of myth
JETSWhirlpool outlets
AMANASWhirlpool competitors
TUBWhirlpool holder
DRYERWhirlpool product
OVENSWhirlpool makes them
SIBSWhirlpool locale
JETWhirlpool feature
ROPERWhirlpool brand
SPASWhirlpool baths
FERMENTBe violent
ACIDIFYBe violent
VICIOUSExtremely violent
RABIDExtremely violent
AMOKIn a violent frenzy
BERSERKIn a violent frenzy
AMADO"The Violent Land" author
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