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Crossword Answers: Victor Herbert work
OPERETTAVictor Herbert work
BABES"___ in Toyland" (Victor Herbert operetta)
EILEEN1917 Victor Herbert operetta
ASCAPGp. co-founded by Victor Herbert
NAUGHTYMARIETTAVictor Herbert musical
SERENADEVictor Herbert operetta, with "The"
MLLE"__ Modiste" (Victor Herbert operetta)
KISSMEAGAINVictor Herbert love song
INAGE"... ___ I bud again": Herbert
NEEDA"Nothing can ___ lie": Herbert
ISTOO"One enemy ___ much": Herbert
LOM"Pink Panther" actor Herbert
ROSS"The Goodbye Girl" director Herbert
AGAR"The People's Choice" historian Herbert
DARETO"___ be true": George Herbert
ALONE'Thine ___,' Herbert song
TUT"Batman" villain played by Victor Buono
HANSEN"Chicken Soup for the Soul" coauthor Mark Victor ___
PAREE"Gay ___" ("Victor/Victoria" song)
JAZZ"Le ___ Hot" ("Victor/Victoria" song)
BLAS"Ruy ___," Victor Hugo drama.
HAUL"The Long ___" (1957 Victor Mature film)
ALI"Thrilla in Manila" victor
LES"___ Mis+rables" (Victor Hugo classic)
WOETO"___ him who believes in nothing": Victor Hugo
EVIL'Mistrust those who rejoice at it even more than those who do it': Victor Hugo
HAYES1876 victor by one electoral vote

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