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Crossword Answers: Victor Herbert work
OPERETTAVictor Herbert work
KISSMEAGAINVictor Herbert love song
MLLE"__ Modiste" (Victor Herbert operetta)
SERENADEVictor Herbert operetta, with "The"
NAUGHTYMARIETTAVictor Herbert musical
ASCAPGp. co-founded by Victor Herbert
EILEEN1917 Victor Herbert operetta
BABES"___ in Toyland" (Victor Herbert operetta)
BIRTHVictor Herbert wrote what may have been the first original musical score for The ... Of A Nation in
APHISHerbert is a gardener's bane (5)
DAPHNENymph to finish up hugging Herbert (6)
WELSHRAREBIT"Meal is spoilt!", wails Herbert (5,7)
AKA*Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, ___ "The Fonz"
WILLYBRANDTWho's Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm?
ASH2012 novel by James Herbert (3)
AUTOGRAPHName of US car belonging to King George and A.P. Herbert (9)
FIRSTNIGHTPlay's opening: in the lead, having knocked back drink, Herbert Tree starts (5,5)
HOOVERHerbert --, 31st US President (6)
ASQUITHHerbert Henry ?, British prime minister from 1908-16 (7)
CHILDREN1976 science fiction novel by Frank Herbert (8,2,4)
MORRISONHerbert -, Home Secretary from 1940-45 (8)
READHerbert ___, poet, art critic and author of 1935 novel The Green Child (4)
SPEARThe ___, 1978 novel by James Herbert (5)
ANNANEAGLEEnglish actress who married film director Herbert Wilcox in 1943 (4,6)
WINNERVictor's director (6)
LAPOFHONOURVictors' ceremonial circuit (3,2,6)
LOSERVictor's opposite number (5)
IRONDUKEWaterloo victor's nickname
LAURELSVictors' wreaths
YAYSVictors' shouts

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