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Crossword Answers: Veteran-golf-pro
SNEADVeteran golf pro
ISAOGolf pro Aoki
PEETEGolf pro Calvin
ELSGolf pro Ernie
IRWINGolf pro Hale
LOPEZGolf pro Nancy
SERIGolf pro Pak
IANGolf pro Woosnam
TIGERINTHEWOODSStranded golf pro?
ALWAYSINTHEHOLDWhere was the spendthrift golf pro?
BRAVETIGERValiant golf pro?
ANNIKAGolf pro Sorenstam
SPORTSWEARGolf pro shop array
GREENNot veteran
AMATEURNot veteran
BEGINNERNot veteran
UNSKILLEDNot veteran
LYNDE"Hollywood Squares" veteran Paul
NYE"Steve Allen Show" veteran
KAAT25-year-veteran pitcher Jim
BYRD44-year Senate veteran
WARCanadian ___ Veteran
ELAYNEComedy club veteran Boosler
HERODecorated veteran, e.g.
RENOEight-year veteran of the Clinton Cabinet
RORYHollywood veteran Calhoun
EXARMYLike an infantry veteran
NEONot a veteran
APOLOGIA"-- pro Vita Sua": Newman
VITA"Apologia pro ___ Sua"
SUA"Apologia pro vita ___"
LAST"At the ___ it biteth like a serpent" (Pro 23:32)
DRIVINGMECRAZY"By age 4 he was already a pro at ___..."
SENSE"Common ___" (pro-independence pamphlet)
ITTOO"Don't hit ___ hard" (advice from the club pro)
HORACE"Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" writer
ANDRE"Giant" of pro wrestling
MAID"Labor ___" (Woody Guthrie pro-union tune) (4)
BIT"Loosen up a little ___" (advice from the club pro)
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