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Crossword Answers: Veteran-golf-pro
SNEADVeteran golf pro
ERNIEGolf pro Els
LEEGolf pro Trevino
TIGERGolf pro Woods
ANNIKAGolf pro Sorenstam
BRAVETIGERValiant golf pro?
TIGERINTHEWOODSStranded golf pro?
IANGolf pro Woosnam
SERIGolf pro Pak
LOPEZGolf pro Nancy
IRWINGolf pro Hale
ELSGolf pro Ernie
PEETEGolf pro Calvin
ISAOGolf pro Aoki
SPORTSWEARGolf pro shop array
ALWAYSINTHEHOLDWhere was the spendthrift golf pro?
OLDSWEAT Veteran soldier (3,5)
POLVeteran campaigner: slang
RIVERRATVeteran barge crewman
DURANRing veteran Roberto
MCCAINSenate veteran John
MASTERCRAFTSMANVeteran carpenter, perhaps
RETURNEEVeteran, e.g.
ABEVeteran actor Vigoda
ANDYVeteran tackle Heck
MGMGRANDMAVeteran studio actress?
RANCOURSpite some veteran courtier (7)
HONOREEVeteran, on Veteran's Day
COURTNALLVeteran wing brothers Russ and Geoff
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