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Crossword Answers: Veteran-golf-pro
SNEADVeteran golf pro
THOMASBJORNDanish-born golf pro
ERNIEGolf pro Els
LEEGolf pro Trevino
TIGERGolf pro Woods
SPORTSWEARGolf pro shop array
ANNIKAGolf pro Sorenstam
BRAVETIGERValiant golf pro?
ALWAYSINTHEHOLDWhere was the spendthrift golf pro?
TIGERINTHEWOODSStranded golf pro?
IANGolf pro Woosnam
SERIGolf pro Pak
LOPEZGolf pro Nancy
IRWINGolf pro Hale
ELSGolf pro Ernie
PEETEGolf pro Calvin
ISAOGolf pro Aoki
BOGEYGolf pro's bane
PARGolf pros often break it
GRIPINSURANCEGolf pro's protection?
GRIPGolf pro's topic
SWINGSHIFTGolf pro's recommendation?
LESSONGolf pro's offering
STANCEGolf pro's concern
BOLDBelgium's veteran forward
WESTONSimon _; Falklands War veteran (6)
ONTAPVeteran keeps religious books readily available (2,3)
TANNERRita __, veteran Coronation Street character (6)
DIEHARDFade before firm veteran (7)
AGASSIVeteran tennis star, Andre ...
RANCOURSpite some veteran courtier (7)
OLDSWEATVeteran soldier (3,5)
POLVeteran campaigner: slang
ALFVeteran Summer Bay resident who owns the bait shop (3,7)
RSANew Zealand war veteran body or the IOC code for South Africa (1,1,1)
RANSOMAt heart, veteran so mean to demand payment (6)
RITAVeteran Corrie lady whose surname has been Fairclough, Sullivan and Tanner (4)
VENDETTAVeteran reservists brought about conclusion of feud (8)
ANDREAGASSIVeteran tennis star and winner of eight Grand Slam titles (5,6)
BRIGHTONThe annual Veteran Car Run goes from London to this English seaside city
AZTEC___Club (Mexican War veterans' group)
AMERICANLEGIONOrganization of war veterans
JIVEFiji veterans taking part in dance (4)
ANZACSAustralian and New Zealand WWI veterans
RCAFAcronym of interest to veterans
PARADEVeterans Day tradition
PARADESFourth of July and Veterans Day events
VAGRANTHomeless veteran's first to get an allowance (7)
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