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Crossword Answers: Van-___,-follower-of-Jackson
BURENVan ___, follower of Jackson
ARIMATHEAJoseph of ___ (follower of Jesus)
EDNASeat of Jackson County, Tex.
HOTCOFFEEMississippi town SE of Jackson
ABDULColleague of Jackson and Cowell
OOSTFlemish painter, Jacob van ___ the Elder
ZANDTMusician/radio host Steven Van ___
DYKESDick and Jerry, the Van ___
NUYSVan ___, CA
ALLENVan ___ Belt
WERTVan ___ (Ohio county or its seat)
GOGHVan ___
DYCKPainter Anthony Van ___
EXELN.B.A.'s Nick Van ___
DINEMystery author S. S. Van ___
PEEBLESMelvin Van ___
ARSFollowers of cues?
PISFollowers of omicrons
TRENDYDie in the attempt, like dedicated followers of fashion?
DOEFemale followers of CND
VEGETARIANSFollowers of dietary reformer Sylvester Graham
CHRISTIANSFollowers of Jesus Christ
SITH"Star Wars" followers of the dark side
NOBLEThis kind of Eightfold Path (also known as the Middle Way) is taken by followers of Buddha
JUSTGOODFRIENDS"Bad" duet by Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder
ORA"A little hometown ___ big old city" (Alan Jackson lyric)
THEKID"But ___ is not my son" (Michael Jackson line)

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