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Crossword Answers: Van-___,-follower-of-Jackson
BURENVan ___, follower of Jackson
ARIMATHEAJoseph of ___ (follower of Jesus)
EDNASeat of Jackson County, Tex.
HOTCOFFEEMississippi town SE of Jackson
ABDULColleague of Jackson and Cowell
ARKJoan Van ___
WINKLERip Van ___ (Storied snoozer)
OOSTFlemish painter, Jacob van ___ the Elder
ZANDTMusician/radio host Steven Van ___
DYKESDick and Jerry, the Van ___
NUYSVan ___, CA
ALLENVan ___ Belt
WERTVan ___ (Ohio county or its seat)
GOGHVan ___
DYCKPainter Anthony Van ___
EXELN.B.A.'s Nick Van ___
FASCISTSRight-wing followers of Mussolini
ISRAELITESFollowers of Moses (10)
GEESFollowers of efs
LOLLARDSFollowers of John Wycliffe (8)
TOWSFollowers of many breakdowns
MARXISTSFollowers of Das Kapital author (8)
ESSESSpelled-out followers of Rs
DEMOCRATSFollowers of Natasha Stott Despoja in Australia or the Kennedy political clan in the US
JUSTGOODFRIENDS"Bad" duet by Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder
ORA"A little hometown ___ big old city" (Alan Jackson lyric)
THEKID"But ___ is not my son" (Michael Jackson line)
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