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Puzzle Answer Pattern
Crossword Answers: Van-___,-follower-of-Jackson
BURENVan ___, follower of Jackson
ARIMATHEAJoseph of ___ (follower of Jesus)
ABDULColleague of Jackson and Cowell
HOTCOFFEEMississippi town SE of Jackson
EDNASeat of Jackson County, Tex.
SHELTON"Backroads" singer Ricky Van ___
DYKE"Coach" actor Jerry Van ___
DER"Dawson's Creek" actor James Van ___ Beek
SANT"Good Will Hunting" director Gus Van ___
HALEN"Jump" band Van ___
DAMME"Legionnaire" actor Van ___
ALULABe-Bop follower of the 1950s?
ERNDirection-follower of a sort
SONFollower of "&" in many business names
LORDFollower of "O"
CESSFollower of "Pro" or "Pre"
IIIFollower of "Rocky" or "Superman"
MANFollower of "angry young" or "dirty old"

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