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Crossword Answers: Uncle:-Scot
EMEUncle: Scot.
OCH"Gee!", to a Scot
WEEAcrossVery little, to a Scot
RICO"Sanctuary Medicines" Scot
DEPICTEDRepresented ancient Scot in action
ALASTAIRA swan song for a Scot?
COTTAGESGet a Scot to build homes
OCHREExclamation of Scot about colour
ASIANWhen Scot comes from Japan? (5)
BERLE"Uncle Miltie"
OKLA"Uncle Miltie"
IMA"... ___ monkey's uncle!"
FESTER"Addams Family" uncle
SAM"I Want You" uncle
BEA"I'll ___ monkey's uncle!"
GEE"I'll be a monkey's uncle!"
EVA"Little" girl of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
TATI"My Uncle" star
LEO"Seinfeld" uncle
REMUS"Song of the South" uncle
THEGRATEFULDEAD"Uncle John's Band" band
IRANIANI chased Scot from Middle Eastern country (7)
FIASCOIf I, a Scot, included a farce (6)
COASTTOCOASTA cost to a Scot moving throughout the country (5-2-5)
PICTUREImagine old Scot standing by river (7)
POTHOLEAfter river endure (as a Scot might) problem on the road (7)
COARSESTScot bared bottom by road That's most gross (8)
WIGANTown won, with a Scot keeping goal at first (5)
MACABREGruesome Scot taken with a lot of drink (7)
ESTONIANParisian is working with Scot and other European (8)
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