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Crossword Answers: Uncle:-Scot
EMEUncle: Scot.
ASIANWhen Scot comes from Japan? (5)
COSTPrice upsetting Scot (4)
ACROBATSArab and Scot producing tumblers
AWBFunky Scot band, for short?
GRBREng., Scot. and Wales: 2 wds.
AGLEYAskew, to a Scot
UNPUNISHEDGetting off scot-free (10)
CANTRIPWitch's spell (Scot.)
WALKdaunder, to a scot
LOCHLake, to a Scot
NESSIEElusive big Scot?
ELECTRICAYEApproval from a shocked Scot?
IMA"... ___ monkey's uncle!"
FESTER"Addams Family" uncle
SAM"I Want You" uncle
BEA"I'll ___ monkey's uncle!"
GEE"I'll be a monkey's uncle!"
EVA"Little" girl of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
TATI"My Uncle" star
LEO"Seinfeld" uncle
REMUS"Song of the South" uncle
THEGRATEFULDEAD"Uncle John's Band" band
BERLE"Uncle Miltie"
DEBONAIRCourteous and elegant, dressed up to attract upstanding Scot (8)
DEPICTShow disheartened Dane and old Scot (6)
GUARDIANWe must employ rail worker, possibly a Scot (8)
BICOTAncient Scot kept nothing in loop (5)
ENDUREPut up with Scot leaving unescorted (6)
ABERDONIAN Scot had one bairn, struggling without husband (10)
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