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Crossword Answers: Uncle:-Scot
EMEUncle: Scot.
BIKENest of wasps (Scot) (4)
SCRUBBEDScot polished and thoroughly cleansed (8)
JOA beloved one (Scot) (2)
SHETLANDERFalse report about the other Scot
IBADANScot toured unhealthy African city (6)
ORKScot. islands
BERLE"Uncle Miltie"
OKLA"Uncle Miltie"
IMA"... ___ monkey's uncle!"
FESTER"Addams Family" uncle
SAM"I Want You" uncle
BEA"I'll ___ monkey's uncle!"
GEE"I'll be a monkey's uncle!"
EVA"Little" girl of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
TATI"My Uncle" star
LEO"Seinfeld" uncle
REMUS"Song of the South" uncle
THEGRATEFULDEAD"Uncle John's Band" band
DESCRIPTIONSPictures inspired Scot to be moved (12)
STOICKnut's grabbed by drunken Scot; one shouldn't grumble really
STEWARTThe Royal Scot beginning without directions (7)
LILIANGirl ill-disposed to a Scot (6)
JOCASTAScot cut short a holy man with a wife and mother of 12 (7)
NAIROBIScot turns up with tailless bird in Africa (7)
TAUTOLOGYTense third-generation Scot holding record for redundancy (9)
IMEANScot embracing me - that's what I was trying to say (1,4)
MACEDONIANClub joined by academic Scot from the northern part of Greece (10)
NICAMScot at home with reverberating stereo (5)
GALATIANSScot in POW camp rising got sent a letter (9)

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