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Crossword Answers: Uncle:-Scot
EMEUncle: Scot.
KILTIECertain Scot
BEATTHERAPGo scot free
GAELHighland Scot
CELTHighland Scot
PICTAncient Scot
AWEEBide ___ (stay a bit): Scot.
ROBERTTHEBRUISEBlack-and-blue Scot of yore?
KISTChest: Scot.
CRANSCommon swifts: Scot.
NAESDenials: Scot.
ROBROYDrink named for a Scot
ILKAEach or every: Scot.
BONNYFair of face: Scot.
LEALFaithful, to a Scot
FLAFFFlutter, to a Scot
ARMOURHall-of-Fame golfer Tommy ___, called the "Silver Scot"
ALEHeaths (Scot.)
FENTImperfect material (Scot.)
ENGIt's south of Scot.
GAELeave: Scot.
LADLittle Scot
SMALittle, to a Scot
NARNear: Scot.
EVA"Uncle Tom's Cabin" character
ELIZA"Uncle Tom's Cabin" character
TOPSY"Uncle Tom's Cabin" character
IMA"... ___ monkey's uncle!"
FESTER"Addams Family" uncle
NED"Family Ties" uncle played by Tom Hanks
SAM"I Want You" uncle
BEA"I'll ___ monkey's uncle!"
GEE"I'll be a monkey's uncle!"
TATI"My Uncle" star
LEO"Seinfeld" uncle
REMUS"Song of the South" uncle
THEGRATEFULDEAD"Uncle John's Band" band
BERLE"Uncle Miltie"
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