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Crossword Answers: U.S. capital nearest the Arctic Circle
JUNEAUU.S. capital nearest the Arctic Circle
ACCRAAfrican capital nearest the Prime Meridian
HELENAU.S. capital
DCU.S. capital
GREENLANDIsland mostly north of the Arctic circle (9)
SACWestern U.S. capital, to locals
BERINGStrait near the Arctic Circle
MURMANSKLargest town north of the Arctic Circle (8)
LAPLANDEuropean region mainly within the Arctic Circle (7)
POLARIn the Arctic Circle
WASHINGTONSaw nothing about the U.S. capital (10)
ANNAPOLISU.S. capital from November 1783 to August 1784
HONOLULUSouthernmost U.S. capital
ALBANYU.S. capital whose last two letters are its state
SANTAFEHighest U.S. capital
NOMEALASKAAmerican city near the Arctic Circle
LAPPDweller above the Arctic Circle
PIERRESDA U.S. capital
IGLOOAbode north of the Arctic Circle
NYCFirst U.S. capital
NOMEAlaskan city near the Arctic Circle
OULUFinnish city near the Arctic Circle
VILHJALMURSTEFANSSONWho, born in Canada of Icelandic parents, led expeditions to the Arctic region and spent over five y
NORWAYFjord land of which a third lies within the Arctic Circle
DCAREAU.S. capital's vicinity
TRENTONCapital nearest to Philadelphia
LOWERBerth nearest the floor
FRONTROWSeats nearest the stage (5,3)
HIPSJoints nearest the waist
MERCURYPlanet nearest the sun

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