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Crossword Answers: U.S. capital nearest the Arctic Circle
JUNEAUU.S. capital nearest the Arctic Circle
ACCRAAfrican capital nearest the Prime Meridian
GNOMEALASKACity of little magical creatures near the Arctic Circle?
NORCountry partially within the Arctic Circle: Abbr.
OULUFinnish city near the Arctic Circle
NOMEAlaskan city near the Arctic Circle
PIERREOnly U.S. capital sharing no letters with its state
DESPart of a U.S. capital
ATLSE U.S. capital
DCAREAU.S. Capital region
TRENTONCapital nearest to Philadelphia
PEARY"Nearest the Pole" author Robert
STROKECrew team member nearest the stern
FOREMASTIt's nearest the bow
MIDMOSTNearest the center
OTTCan.'s capital
RALN.C.'s capital
HISOnt.'s capital
POLARCIRCLEArctic circle
LAPPArctic Circle inhabitant
PARKAArctic Circle wear
ESKIMOS"Engravers of the Arctic"
KARASEAArm of the Arctic
WHITESEAArm of the Arctic Ocean
BARENTSSEAArm of the Arctic Ocean, named for a Dutch explorer

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