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Crossword Answers: Two-make-a-ten-spot
FIVERSTwo make a ten-spot
FINSChange for a ten-spot
CHATwo make a Latin dance
CHASTwo make a Latin dance
LESLIEHOWARDThese two make a GWTW star
NEILSIMONThese two make a playwright
CARLLEWISThese two make a track great
TASTwo make a bye-bye
RADIITwo make a diameter
PETERGABRIELThese two make an English rocker
ONESChange for a ten
FIVESChange for a ten
SCHOLAR"... a ten o'clock ___"
TONTURKEY"It's a ten! (...)"
THEAPARTMENT(A ten P.M. threat)
ANTEA ten-cent contribution
ROBERTWISELY"'The Sound of Music' would make a good movie," said___
END"At the ___ of every seven years thou shalt make a release'
PEEP"Don't make a ___!"
OFIT"Don't make a big thing ___"
FREEZE"Don't make a move!"
NOTE"I'll make a ___ of it"
OFSENSE"It doesn't make a lick ___!"
OCLOCK"... ten ___ scholar"
ILLINI"Fighting" Big Ten team
ASK"Go ___ Alice, when she's ten feet tall..."
PASSWORDS"Go out ten yards and cut right," e.g.?
AGO"Happenings Ten Years Time ___" (1966 hit by the Yardbirds)
TIPPER"I lost a bet with ___" (Hillary Top Ten list item)

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