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Crossword Answers: Two-make-a-ten-spot
FIVERSTwo make a ten-spot
FINSChange for a ten-spot
CHASTwo make a Latin dance
CHATwo make a Latin dance
PTSTwo make a qt.
BITSTwo make a quarter
RADIITwo make a diameter
TASTwo make a bye-bye
CARLLEWISThese two make a track great
NEILSIMONThese two make a playwright
LESLIEHOWARDThese two make a GWTW star
FLAWIt can make a 10 a 9
ABESTen-spot halves
SIXTEENSTwo make thirty-two
PETERGABRIELThese two make an English rocker
JACKCard between a ten and a queen
KNAVESTerm for cunning untrustworthy men or playing cards ranking between a queen and a ten
PARALLAXDistorted view that on average everyone gets a ten (8)
DINEROTen-spots and such
TILLSpot for ten-spots
KODDropped for a 10-count, for short
CONDORFlier with a 10-foot wingspan
UMASSMember of the NCAA's A-10 Conf.
AGTL.A. 10-percenter
POIROTSurname in a 10-Down mystery

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