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Crossword Answers: Twelve-o
MIDNIGHT12 o"clock (8)
ANNUSTwelve months in Rome
SLAVE"Twelve Years a _____"
ALLS"Twelve o'clock and ___ well!"
TEENAGERWhat Cinderella became after twelve! (8)
UCLASch. with twelve Rose Bowl appearances
CALENDARChart of the twelve months (8)
ALICIAKEYSTwelve-Grammy-winning singer-actress
TALLTwelve-ounce Starbucks size
ATOLLTwelve letters left for island (5)
ADIMEADOZEN10 cents a twelve pack?
JURORSTwelve in the box
TWEENAGERTwelve-year-old, say, short bird astride foal? (9)
NONSTOPAfter half twelve midday, Poles have time to work without interruption (7)
YEARLINGHeather, after twelve months, gets young animal (8)
DODECAHEDRONSolid figure with twelve plane faces (12)
NONAGONFigure twelve will be needed to catch horse (7)
YEARNEDFor twelve months, Ned ate his heart out (7)
SALMANAZARWine bottle holding the equivalent of twelve normal bottles (10)
PEARIn The Twelve Days Of Christmas a partridge can be found in this tree
BYEARHow to play when improvising for twelve months after 3rd February (2,3)
FOOTLIGHTSTwelve-inch candles used in theatres (10)
FOOTFALLThe noise of the dropping of a twelve-inch ruler? (8)
CALENDARYEARWithin twelve months perhaps, Declan Cook and revolutionary artist find June is nearly half way thro
LIGHTYEARMeasure of distance covered in space of twelve months (5,4)
ROSESThey're often bought in twelves
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