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Crossword Answers: Twelve-o
MIDNIGHT12 o"clock (8)
TEENAGERSBetween twelve and twenty people?
GAPYEARStudent's twelve-month break (3,4)
LEVIOne of the twelve patriarchs
AFTTwelve inches short behind
PIUSIFirst of twelve popes
SHILLINGOld coin worth twelve pennies
CALENDARYEARWithin twelve months perhaps, Declan Cook and revolutionary artist find June is nearly half way thro
LIGHTYEARMeasure of distance covered in space of twelve months (5,4)
YEARNSLongs for twelve months, north and south (6)
YEARNTwelve months to get the point is long
FOURHalfway between ten and ten, if you only count to twelve
ANNUALStep out of unpleasant twelve months (6)
HOTELOne of twelve in a Monopoly game set
GROSSLYTwelve dozen are supported by heartless lady in a rude manner (7)
DOZEGet some sleep, it's almost twelve (4)
ROCFlier with quills "twelve paces long," per Marco Polo
ENGROSSEngage middlemen in last twelve dozen (7)
LEGMANAdmirer of the Twelve Pins perhaps collects information for American newspaper (3-3)
YEARBOOKSMakes a reservation after twelve months for those who have been class-conscious down the years (9)
CASEINTwelve bottles of wine from centre of Wellington has a milky component (6)
ONETWOTwelve seen at football match (3-3)
EIGHTHTwelve and a half per cent (6)
NOONENot a single person at twelve has ecstasy (2,3)
ROSESThey're often bought in twelves
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