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Crossword Answers: Twelve-o
MIDNIGHT12 o"clock (8)
FOOTSTEPTwelve-inch pace? (8)
DOZENTHLast of twelve
INCHOne of the twelve islands? (4)
SAINTANDREWOne of the twelve apostles (5,6)
PRETEENSChildren of eleven or twelve (8)
AYRA short twelve months in Scotland
DANEOne of twelve tribes, English and European (4)
HONEYBEARArboreal creature's hard one to get born in twelve months (5,4)
LUXURYChange to be topless: twelve topless shows extravagance (6)
OVERSAWManaged a wicket after a minimum of twelve deliveries? (7)
APOSTLESPOONOne of a set of twelve in silver (7,5)
REPETITIVEComputer problem concerning little saint and followers among the twelve (10,6,6)
YEARENDLast day of a twelve month period (4-3)
NOTATIONFrench comic written in twelve symbols (8)
BULLDOZEKnock down farm animal, nearly twelve (8)
CENTREModerates numbered twelve or thirteen in fifteen (6)
JACOBFather of the twelve patriarchs of Israel (5)
NOONEELSETwelve fish close to shore, others being excluded (2,3,4)
PALADINOne of the twelve peers at Charlemagne's court - heroic champion (7)
MAMMONMilitary leader has the first twelve hours of the week to bring riches (6)
MAYHEMChaos, with one of twelve on the brink (6)
MONOLITHOne of twelve walls in solid interior for stone statue (8)
JURYBOXSitting space for a panel of twelve? (4,3)
PENALTYSPOTMark twelve yards from the centre of a football goal line (7,4)
ROSESThey're often bought in twelves

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