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Crossword Answers: Twelve-o
LEAPERS"Twelve Days of Christmas" group
PIPERS"Twelve Days of Christmas" group
TESS"Ocean's Twelve" heroine
THREEFRENCHHENS"The Twelve Days of Christmas" gift
GEESE"The Twelve Days of Christmas" half-dozen
PIPER"The Twelve Days of Christmas" musician
HENS"The Twelve Days of Christmas" trio
LUMET"Twelve Angry Men" director
PITT"Twelve Monkeys" star
DEANJAGGER"Twelve O'Clock High" Oscar winner
OCLOCK"Twelve ___ High" (1949 movie)
ERETO"___ the wind's twelve quarters I take my endless way"--AE Housman
CHAIRS'The Twelve ___' ('70 film)
TEENAGE'Twixt twelve and twenty
EDGESA cube has twelve
ONEAfter twelve fifty-nine
TRIBESAncient Israel's twelve
OAKSAshley Wilkes's plantation Twelve ___
MACBernie in "Ocean's Twelve"
AMESBig Twelve Conference city
AGGIEBig Twelve athlete
KANSASBig Twelve powerhouse
DANO"Book 'em, ___!" ("Hawaii Five-O" catch phrase)
DANNO"Book 'em, ___!" ("Hawaii Five-O" catch phrase)
ACUP"... ___ o' kindness yet..."
TWISTOFFATE"... and O. Henry will serve drinks with a ___."
SAILON"...___, O Ship of State!": Longfellow
EIE"...had a farm, ___-I-O"
THRO"...steadfast ___ the years": "O Canada"
FREE"...strong and ___" ("O Canada" words)
BOSOM"...the ___ of Abraham" ("Rock O' My Soul")
PAPAHEMINGWAY"A Farewell t o Arms" author, familiarly
DRAP"A Wee --- O' Whisky" (Scottish song)
BIG"A ___ Hunk O' Love"
BOTH"A plague o' ___ your houses!": Mercutio
FIE"And shall I couple hell? O, ___!" (Hamlet)
HALLOO"Anybody ho-o-ome?"
IFIMIGHT"Assuming it's O.K. with you..."
DISTRESS"Behold, O Lord; for I am in ___" (La 1:20)
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