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Crossword Answers: Tropical-hardwoods
TEAKSTropical hardwoods
MAPLEOne of the hardwoods
NAPALMBomb liquid caused an inversion on tropical tree (6)
LATITUDETropical leeway?
HATTropical headwear, Panama ...
VAMPIREBATTropical beast
FLAMINGOTropical wading bird with pink plumage (8)
AVOCADOSTropical pear-shaped savoury fruits (8)
MONSOONTropical rainy season (7)
COCOPALMSTropical plants company - police charity (4,5)
SWORDTAILGreen ___, popular tropical aquarium fish native to North and Central America (9)
ISLETTropical landmass
HULADANCERTropical twister?
CROCODILELarge tropical reptile (9)
ANNATTOTropical American tree whose seeds produce an orange-red dye used in food colouring (7)
SKINKLizard of tropical Asia and Africa with reduced limbs (5)
ELNINOOccasional warming of the eastern tropical Pacific that disrupts the weather pattern of the region (
JUTETropical, yellow-flowered plant cultivated for its strong fibre (4)
SNOOKLarge, edible game fish of tropical American waters also known as the sergeant fish (5)
ANACONDALarge snake of tropical America that kills its prey by constriction (8)
BEECHHardwood tree
PINOAKHardwood tree
MAHOGANYHardwood tree
LARCHHardwood tree
ALDERHardwood tree
MAPLESHardwood trees
REDOAKSHardwood trees
IROKOHardwood of tropical Africa used as a substitute for teak (5)
INLINETEAKSRow of hardwood trees?
ANTIQUETEAKReally old hardwood?
PETRIFIEDFORESTSource of hardwood?
THROWRUGHardwood floor enhancer
EBONSDark hardwood trees, poetically
EBONMade of a hardwood
OAKENMade of a certain hardwood
LEHUAHawaiian hardwood
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