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Crossword Answers: Tropical-hardwoods
TEAKSTropical hardwoods
BALATATropical hardwood tree
MAPLEOne of the hardwoods
TETRAColorful tropical fish
NEONColorful tropical fish
OPAHColorful tropical fish
BETTAColorful tropical fish
MICRONESIANA tropical islander has one
ARMYANTSAggressive tropical insects
RAINYSEASONBad time for a tropical vacation
TROGONBrightly-colored tropical bird
LANAIClassic tropical refuge
LIANAClimbing tropical vine
MACAWColorful tropical parrot
ANISCuckoos' tropical kin
SLOTHSDenizens of tropical forests
ZYZZYVADestructive tropical American weevil
BETEL-- nut (kernel chewed in tropical regions)
CARPETINGHardwood alternative
UNCARPETEDLike hardwood floors
AREARUGSScratch hiders on hardwood floors
INLINETEAKSRow of hardwood trees?
ANTIQUETEAKReally old hardwood?
PETRIFIEDFORESTSource of hardwood?
THROWRUGHardwood floor enhancer
EBONSDark hardwood trees, poetically
EBONMade of a hardwood
ASHLARStone block, hardwood and softwood - check out (6)
HORNBEAMHardwood tree such as the Japanese ___, European ___ or American ___ (8)
STEAKYou"ll need southern hardwood for this joint (5)
LIVEOAKEvergreen hardwood tree of North America such as the Southern - whose timber was used in shipbuildin
NUNCHAKUIn martial arts, a pair of hardwood sticks joined by a chain or cord and used as a weapon (8)
IROKOHardwood of tropical Africa used as a substitute for teak (5)
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