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Crossword Answers: Trigonometry-term
SINETrigonometry term
COSINETrigonometry term
ARCTANGENTTrigonometry function
COSECTrigonometry function
COSECANTTrigonometry function
SECANTTrigonometry function
EASIESTAddition compared to geometry and trigonometry
SINHHyperbolic sine (trigonometry)
TRIANGULATEMeasure using trigonometry
UNIT___ circle (trigonometry concept)
THETATrigonometry symbol
LAWOFSINESTrigonometry rule
TANGENTTrigonometry ratio
MATHTrigonometry or algebra
SIESTrigonometry functions
COSTrigonometry abbr.
SINESRatios in trigonometry
ARCSINEInverse function in trigonometry
BINOMIALMath expression with two terms
YEARS365-day terms
EVENStill on level terms (4)
AFIGAt all, in terms of caring
NEONSIGNIt may advertise in glowing terms
MENDFix term's ultimate objective (4)
STAMMEREDFaltered and made terms badly (9)
ULTIMATUMFinal terms
REMITSure mitigation is to be included in the terms of reference
INMATEPrisoner on good terms with officer (6)
ISSUEAn edition of a magazine publication or, in legal terms, a person's descendants
INFAMOUSNotorious for being on friendly terms with the celebrated (8)
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