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Crossword Answers: Trigonometry-term
SINETrigonometry term
COSINETrigonometry term
SECANTTrigonometry function
COSECTrigonometry function
ARCTANGENTTrigonometry function
COSECANTTrigonometry function
TANGENTTrigonometry ratio
SINESTrigonometry functions
SIESTrigonometry functions
ARCSINEInverse function in trigonometry
COSTrigonometry abbr.
MATHTrigonometry or algebra
LAWOFSINESTrigonometry rule
THETATrigonometry symbol
UNIT___ circle (trigonometry concept)
TRIANGULATEMeasure using trigonometry
SINHHyperbolic sine (trigonometry)
SEMESTERAcademic term
SCHOOLYEARAcademic term
RODEO"No ___," must-be-sold car-auction term
TRAIN"No ___," must-be-sold car-auction term
SABE"Kemo ___" (Tonto's term)
BRER"Song of the South" term
ALAD"When I was ___ I served a term..."
EATINGPIZZA'Dear Mom and Dad: This term I'm [taking Italian]...'
SHOWMANCE*Lame reality TV term driven into the ground by this season's "Big Brother All-Stars"
DDAY1944 term
SEN6-yr. term holder
IMARETA term I associate with hospitality
MATERA term for mom
EMIRATEA term, i.e., for Mideast land
THEDEARLITERAffectionate term for a soda bottle?
BWANAAfrican term of address
NATTERINGNABOBSAgnew's term for the press
DENTEAl -- (cooking term)
ATOZAll-encompassing term
NEVERSAYDYEAlways use the term "coloring agent"?
STAAmtrack term.
PONEAn old, obsolete term for the player sitting to the dealer's immediate right
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