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Crossword Answers: Trigonometry-functions
SINESTrigonometry functions
SIESTrigonometry functions
COSECTrigonometry function
COSECANTTrigonometry function
SECANTTrigonometry function
ARCTANGENTTrigonometry function
EASIESTAddition compared to geometry and trigonometry
SINHHyperbolic sine (trigonometry)
TRIANGULATEMeasure using trigonometry
UNIT___ circle (trigonometry concept)
COSINETrigonometry term
THETATrigonometry symbol
LAWOFSINESTrigonometry rule
TANGENTTrigonometry ratio
SINETrigonometry class calculation
COSTrigonometry abbr.
ARCSINEInverse function in trigonometry
DANCESSchool functions with chaperones
LIFESUPPORTBodily functions assistance
VITALSVials containing tea are measurements of body functions (6)
GERUNDVerb form that functions as a noun (6)
CHOIRIt often functions with the help of an organ
ACORNSA company to turn off functions for old computers (6)
ROASTSFriars Club functions
DOUBLEDUTYDesigned for two functions, and a hint to the answers to starred clues
LOGARITHMSFunctions for slide rules
THINWater down starters for the hotel inspector's last function (4)
REGATTAA windfall may be unwelcome at this sporting function (7)
CLASPSTheir function is to secure quiet in class (6)
FATIMAFunction of cash dispenser holding one note for holy woman (6)
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