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Crossword Answers: Touches-a-base-after-a-fly-is-caught
TAGSUPTouches a base after a fly is caught
TAGUPReturn to base after a fly ball
LUREA fly is a common one
SWATTEDWent after a fly
SWATSGoes after a fly
SWATGo after a fly
TROTCircle the bases after a homer
AHEM"Your fly is open" noise
XYZ"Your fly is open"
TANGENTLine that touches a curve (7)
YON"'Who touches a hair of ___ gray head...'": Whittier
SPAINCountry where father is caught in immoral action (5)
MARCHMADNESSWhat a bracketologist is caught up in
GALVANISEShock as vehicle is caught in heavy wind (9)
IRENEShe is caught in the wire-netting (5)
REDHANDEDHow one is caught holding no black cards? (3-6)
RAISINDried-up type is caught in downpour (6)
DAISYCHAINIs caught up in day on train with garland of flowers (5,5)
NAFFESTIn the worst taste a party is caught in 3 down (7)
TWATSTEWART"Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" singer after a sex change?
ASK"Don't ___" (comment after a bad day)
PUSSYFONDA"Easy Rider" star, after a sex change?
CUNTCHENEY"Fahrenheit 9/11" subject, after a sex change?
TBIRDS"Grease" gang named after a car
SNATCHALLEN"Hannah and Her Sisters" director, after a sex change?
ELAINEFEBRUARY"Ishtar" director, after a pregnant pause?
MYELINGoodness gracious! Egyptian flower turns up with fatty material that touches a nerve (6)
CALIGULAThe little soldier's boot in Rome is caught by the greatest Gaul composer (8)
SALARIEDSad to admit Arkansas is caught up in lie to receive money for the job (8)
AHOP"It's just ___, skip, and a jump away" (golfer's description of his ball's location after a mulligan
UNUSABLENot fit to be used when America is caught up in what's powerless (8)
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