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Crossword Answers: Touches-a-base-after-a-fly-is-caught
TAGSUPTouches a base after a fly is caught
TAGUPReturn to base after a fly ball
LUREA fly is a common one
SWATGo after a fly
SWATSGoes after a fly
XYZ"Your fly is open"
AHEM"Your fly is open" noise
GETSWETIs caught in the rain, say
SUPERBOWLSUNDAYWhen a big game is caught
ASCENDSIs caught up in the Rapture, e.g.
TINA base metal
IVORYA base of bone turquoise
COVERBe in charge of, as a base
COMPOTEBowl with a base and stem
ASIM"And just ___ about to swing, a fly starts buzzing around my head..." (golf course excuse)
INMY"Waiter, there's a fly ___ soup!"
SANTAA fly-by-night?
PROPERGANDERA good goose, not a fly-by-night one?
GROUNDERAlternative to a fly ball

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