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Crossword Answers: Touches-a-base-after-a-fly-is-caught
TAGSUPTouches a base after a fly is caught
TAGUPReturn to base after a fly ball
LUREA fly is a common one
SWATTEDWent after a fly
SWATSGoes after a fly
SWATGo after a fly
TROTCircle the bases after a homer
TSETSEThe ... fly is a bloodsucking insect of the genus Glossina (6)
CADDISThe ___ fly is a mothlike insect of the order Trichoptera (6)
TANGENTLine that touches a curve (7)
AHEM"Your fly is open" noise
XYZ"Your fly is open"
YON"'Who touches a hair of ___ gray head...'": Whittier
LASSOEDArticle in French vessel with great volume is caught (7)
WHOWhich person is caught in blowhole? (3)
SPAINCountry where father is caught in immoral action (5)
MARCHMADNESSWhat a bracketologist is caught up in
GALVANISEShock as vehicle is caught in heavy wind (9)
IRENEShe is caught in the wire-netting (5)
REDHANDEDHow one is caught holding no black cards? (3-6)
RAISINDried-up type is caught in downpour (6)
MYELINGoodness gracious! Egyptian flower turns up with fatty material that touches a nerve (6)
CALIGULAThe little soldier's boot in Rome is caught by the greatest Gaul composer (8)
RBIResult of a bases-loaded BB
SOLOLike a bases-empty homer
RBISA bases-loaded triple earns you three
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