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Crossword Answers: Third-power,-in-math
CUBEThird power, in math
NTHKind of power, in math
CUBEROOTOne-third power
CUBEDRaised to the third power
CUBICOf the third power
TSARSThey had great power in Russia
PIROGUEOne villain after power in a boat (7)
GINSBERGHe coined "flower power" in the '60s
ENFORCEDInsisted on power in the end (8)
YARMOUTHJuvenile holding power in resort (8)
RAPIDFleet seeks power in attack (5)
ALSO*Tyrone Power in "The Sun ___ Rises"
RAMPAGETo take power in anger is a destructive course (7)
OUTRAGEGreat anger brought by ending of power in electricity failure (7)
CHAKRAIn yoga, a centre of spiritual power in the body (6)
ROMANIACeausescu was finally and bloodily removed from power in this nation in 1989
PETAINMarshal Henri ... assumed supreme power in France on July 11, 1940, leading the Vichy
USURPERCriminal seizing power in America and Peru possibly? Right (7)
CUBESThird powers
EVILFoe of Powers in spy spoofs
MALAPowers in "Doomsday Machine"
ABELSpy exchanged for Powers in 1962
HELMETLightweight headwear associated with colonial powers in the tropics, pith ...
SCANNEROne with psychic powers in a 1981 Cronenberg thriller
EXTREMASmall printing unit in addition has a number of functions in maths class (7)
EPICYCLEIt's taught in maths class, different pie attached what's going around (8)
LEHRER"New Math" songwriter Tom
ORIG(0,0), in math: abbr.
IGOTNOTHING'This Math question could decide it: What is the value of e^(pi x i) + 1?'...BZZZT... 'Noramus for t
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