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Crossword Answers: Third-power,-in-math
CUBEThird power, in math
NTHKind of power, in math
CUBEROOTOne-third power
CUBEDRaised to the third power
CUBICOf the third power
EPICSubstantial reversal of power in French company (4)
SKYEInternet service losing power in island (4)
OMNIPOTENTGod's 'power in unbridled emotion' (NT)
SUSPECTDodgy American given power in religious group (7)
FOXCUBTrick most of third power lately come to earth (3,3)
ENGINEROOMSource of power in Rome gone, displaced (6-4)
TSARSomeone given great power in a particular area (4)
EPHEMEROUSTemporary engineers turned up to cut power in derelict house (10)
METERIt may measure power in some terrestrial aspect (5)
SPINNew Labour's turn to seek power in corruption (4)
DUNCANOne who seeks payment has power in 20 (6)
BLASPHEMESwear that woman holds little power in rap (9)
CUBESThird powers
EVILFoe of Powers in spy spoofs
MALAPowers in "Doomsday Machine"
ABELSpy exchanged for Powers in 1962
DIVIDEHow to share things in maths class (6)
HELMETLightweight headwear associated with colonial powers in the tropics, pith ...
SCANNEROne with psychic powers in a 1981 Cronenberg thriller
NUMBERSWhat you'd expect to find in maths book (7)
TUDORRose to power in 1 across (5)
LEHRER"New Math" songwriter Tom
ORIG(0,0), in math: abbr.
IGOTNOTHING'This Math question could decide it: What is the value of e^(pi x i) + 1?'...BZZZT... 'Noramus for t

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