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Crossword Answers: Third-power,-in-math
CUBEThird power, in math
NTHKind of power, in math
CUBEROOTOne-third power
ESPPower in sci-fi
DIRECTORSCLOUTPower in Hollywood?
CUBEDRaised to the third power
CUBICOf the third power
CYPRUSPersian king holding power in island
MINDCONTROLGovernment's power in "Nineteen Eighty-Four"
IRANWhere Ahmadinejad assumed power in 2005
SQUAREROOTWhat cuts power in half?
MORSIMohamed ___, Egyptian president removed from power in July 2013
REELECTReturn to power in shire election (2-5)
ODINParty rising in power in old Scandinavia
HAUSASuspicion falls on large power in West African dialogue (5)
EMINENCEGRISEOne exercising power in the background (8,5)
ROCBird of enormous size and power in Arabian legend (3)
UNIONIZEImprove one's bargaining power, in a way
LEHRER"New Math" songwriter Tom
ORIG(0,0), in math: abbr.
IGOTNOTHING'This Math question could decide it: What is the value of e^(pi x i) + 1?'...BZZZT... 'Noramus for t
TANHMaths symbol
TURNIPTurn maths symbol into vegetable (6)
ASTHMATICComplex maths gives a facial twitch to someone with chronic breathing problems (9)

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