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Crossword Answers: Third-power,-in-math
CUBEThird power, in math
NTHKind of power, in math
CUBICOf the third power
CUBEDRaised to the third power
TULACapital of the Toltec civilization of central Mexico that rose to power in the 10th century
HREFormer power in Eur.
NAZIParty that came to power in 1933
TYRONEPower in Hollywood
ALBEDOReflective power in space
DAMSource of electric power in B.C.
LEGSStaying power, in "Variety"
ORIG(0,0), in math: abbr.
ISTO:, in math
THETAAngle denoter, in math
LEMMAAuxiliary proposition, in math
RADIXESBase numbers, in math
LOCUSCertain line or plane, in math
LOCICollections of points in math
UNIONCombination of two or more sets, in math
CONTINUAConnected sets of points, in math
LEHRER"New Math" songwriter Tom
IGOTNOTHING'This Math question could decide it: What is the value of e^(pi x i) + 1?'...BZZZT... 'Noramus for t
VENN-- diagram (math graph)
EULER18th-century Swiss math great
CANTWOTIMES1960 MacLaine/Sinatra film (do the math)
GIRLSTHRICE1962 Presley film (do the math)
TORATRIPLED1970 war film (do the math)
MOVIEREPEATED1978 George C. Scott film (do the math)
LIARDOUBLED1997 Jim Carrey film (do the math)

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