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Crossword Answers: Thin-layer
FILMThin layer
SEAMThin layer
SHEETThin layer
VENEERThin layer
PATINAThin layer
LAMINAThin layer
COATEDCovered with a thin layer
GILTThin layer of gold
LAMELLAThin layer or plate
GILDSCovers in a shiny thin layer
ANIMALThin layer, round, neither vegetable nor mineral
GILDCoat with a thin layer of gold
ADSORBGather in a thin layer of molecules
PLATEDCoated with a thin layer of metal
MCDONALDSBIGMAC13-layer sandwich
OZONE22-mile-high layer
SPHEREAtmospheric layer suffix
HENBarnyard layer
COATBenjamin Moore layer
TIERBig cake layer
DERMABody layer
DREGSBottom layer
LINEDAdded an inner layer to
SLATHERSApplies a thick layer
ASHBlack layer found in Morbier cheese

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