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Crossword Answers: Thin-layer
LAMINAThin layer
PATINAThin layer
PLYThin layer
VENEERThin layer
SHEETThin layer
SEAMThin layer
FILMThin layer
COATThin layer
AWASHAlmost submerged by a thin layer
SCREEDThin layer of mortar (6)
COATEDCovered with a thin layer
GILTThin layer of gold
LAMELLAThin layer or plate
GILDSCovers in a shiny thin layer
WAFERA thin layer above and below the ice (5)
ANIMALThin layer, round, neither vegetable nor mineral
GILDCoat with a thin layer of gold
ADSORBGather in a thin layer of molecules
PLATEDCoated with a thin layer of metal
SEAMSThin layers
LAMINASThin layers
VENEERSThin layers
LAMINAEThin layers
LAMINATEDSplit into thin layers
FOLIAThin layers of rock
SLATESThin layers of roofing (6)
MICASMinerals in thin layers
BAKLAVADessert in paper-thin layers
LAMINARConsisting of thin layers
SLATEMetamorphic rock that can be split into thin layers (5)

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