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Crossword Answers: Thin-layer
FILMThin layer
SHEETThin layer
VENEERThin layer
PATINAThin layer
LAMINAThin layer
GILTThin layer of gold
LAMELLAThin layer or plate
ADSORBGather in a thin layer of molecules
GILDSCovers in a shiny thin layer
PLATEDCoated with a thin layer of metal
DOUBLEGLAZEAdd another layer to (a window) (6-5)
ICEFLOELayer of frozen water (3,4)
SOILTop layer of land (4)
TACOBELL7-Layer Burrito seller
TARNISHCorrosion layer
FACEPOWDERShine-minimizing makeup layer
LATEXScratch-card layer
TREADCar tire's outer layer
HENINDOUBTSkeptical egg layer?
SHAGCut with more than one layer
PRIMERFirst layer of furniture protection
IAMarine layer phenomena, at times
ENDODERMGerm layer
GRANOLAParfait layer, often
ADSORBSGathers on the surface, as a layer of molecules
UMBRELLAGROUPTop layer of an organization, typically
MOZZARELLALayer on many pies
RETOPApply another layer of asphalt to
DEWMorning layer
SEAREDBurned the outer layer of
TYPOLayer for later, maybe?
CFCSOzone layer destroyers
RECOATSApplies another layer to

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