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Crossword Answers: Thick-milkshake
FRAPPEThick milkshake
STRAWBERRYMilkshake choice
STRAWSMilkshake inserts
STRAWMilkshake conduit
MALTCousin of a milkshake
OREOChunky milkshake flavor
MASTIFFThick-set powerful breed of dog
KNOTGranny, for example, taking some thick notepaper
MATTEDEntangled in a thick mass
IANNUCCIArmando ___, Scottish satirist associated with the BBC TV comedy series The Thick of It and The Day
MISOThick, salty, brown paste made from soya beans used to flavour savoury dishes (4)
SEDGESmall margin of thick grass (5)
CABLEThick rope of twisted hemp or steel wire (5)
SALLYThe thick, grippable part of a bell-rope or the given name of actresses Field and Kellerman
OXHIDEThick leather
CASABAMELONThick-rinded fruit named after a Turkish town
OATMEALThick breakfast
ETHICMoral principle held by the thick-skinned
VELVETSilky fabric with thick pile (6)
SMOOTHIEThick, drink of pureed fruit (8)
FONDANTThick creamy sugar paste (7)
COSHThick heavy stick as a weapon (4)
CARDBOARDStiff, thick paper (9)
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