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Crossword Answers: Thick-milkshake
FRAPPEThick milkshake
SLURPFinish milkshake
UDDERProducer of milkshake losing head (5)
STRAWBERRYMilkshake choice
STRAWSMilkshake inserts
STRAWMilkshake conduit
MALTCousin of a milkshake
OREOChunky milkshake flavor
DIMA bit thick
STOUTISHA bit thick
SETGrow thick
THICKENGrow thick
DUHS"I'm so thick!" syllables
ASA"Thick ___ Brick"
JETHROTULL"Thick as a Brick" band
SIMILE"Thick as thieves," e.g.
CLOT150 to make thick mass
BAOBABSAfrican trees with thick trunks
TAPIRAnimal with a thick hide
SLATHERSApplies a thick layer
IMPASTEDDecorated with a thick pigment layer
ENUREDevelop thick skin (var.)
SLABFlat, broad and thick piece
CHUNKFOODGrub broken into thick pieces?

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