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Crossword Answers: The-Baltimore-Sun-and-Kansas-City-Star,-e.g
DAILIESThe Baltimore Sun and Kansas City Star, e.g.
MASCOTPoe of the Baltimore Ravens, for one
UNITAS"The Golden Arm" of the Baltimore Colts
AMECHEAlan who was a decorated fullback for the Baltimore Colts
ORIOLEAmerican songbird such as the Baltimore ___ or Bullock's ___ (6)
CALRipken, the Baltimore legend
POEThe Baltimore Ravens are named in his honor
MCNAIRSteve of the Baltimore Ravens
HOTL"The --- Baltimore", Wilson play
LOGOThe Texaco star, e.g.
FRANKROBINSONOutfielder whose #20 was retired by the Baltimore Orioles and the Cincinnati Reds: 2 wds.
JIMPALMERPitcher who played his entire 19-year Major League career with the Baltimore Orioles: 2 wds.
ORBStar, e.g.
TOPNAMEStar, e.g.
CELEBTV star, e.g.
BEERLone Star, e.g.
ASCENDERFeature of lowercase h's and k's
ERAStat next to WHIP and K's
FILIPPINEPHLAGSThey have suns and red, white and blue fields
NBAOrg. for Blazers, Suns and Heat
SPHERESPlanets and stars, e.g.
ORBSStars, e.g.
SHINERSStars, e.g.
CELEBSFilm stars, e.g.
CFLBaltimore Stallions' gp., once
RIOTSBaltimore events of 2015
ALADDINERFilm about a street urchin and his circle of friends in Baltimore?
FREDERICKTown near Baltimore
NFLbaltimore Ravens org.

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