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Crossword Answers: The-Baltimore-Sun-and-Kansas-City-Star,-e.g
DAILIESThe Baltimore Sun and Kansas City Star, e.g.
AWARDGold star, e.g.
HONORGold star, e.g.
CELEBTV star, e.g.
BEERLone Star, e.g.
TOPNAMEStar, e.g.
MEDALSilver Star, e.g.
BADGESheriff's star, e.g.
CALRipken, the Baltimore legend
MCNAIRSteve of the Baltimore Ravens
HOTL"The --- Baltimore", Wilson play
LOGOThe Texaco star, e.g.
ORBMoon or star, e.g.
AMECHEAlan who was a decorated fullback for the Baltimore Colts
ORIOLEAmerican songbird such as the Baltimore ___ or Bullock's ___ (6)
POEThe Baltimore Ravens are named in his honor
EASTBaltimore-to-Dover direction
DUCKPINSBaltimore bowler's targets
BEEBaltimore starter?
XXXXXBaltimore club, for short
PREAKNESSSTAKESAnnual event held in Baltimore
MORAMelvin of the 2007 Baltimore Orioles
ARTMODELLN.F.L. owner who moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore in 1996
UMPSThey call K's
ASCENDERFeature of lowercase h's and k's
GARLANDFORJUDY"A Star is born" star's lei?
ASBE"... as many farewells ___ stars in heaven"--Shakespeare
ALMOSTFAMOUS"'s not a rock film, it's a coming- of-age film..."--Roger Ebert, 2000, 4 stars

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