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Crossword Answers: The-Baltimore-Sun-and-Kansas-City-Star,-e.g
DAILIESThe Baltimore Sun and Kansas City Star, e.g.
HONORGold star, e.g.
AWARDGold star, e.g.
IDOLAdored rock star, e.g.
PLANETEvening star, e.g.
HOTL"The --- Baltimore", Wilson play
MCNAIRSteve of the Baltimore Ravens
POEThe Baltimore Ravens are named in his honor
CALRipken, the Baltimore legend
SPANO"Alphabet City" star Vincent
LEA"Caroline in the City" star Thompson
ICET"New Jack City" star
PARKER"Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica ___
SHEEN"Spin City" star
ROMEO"Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon" speaker
MOON"Praise ye him, sun and ___" (Ps. 148:3)
HERESIES"The earth orbits the sun" and others, once
ARISE'___, fair sun, and kill the envious moon': Romeo
TEOTIHUACANAncient city in central Mexico (c. 200-750) in which the pyramids of the Sun and Moon were built
SONGS"Kansas City" and "Philadelphia"
ALTMAN"Kansas City" director, 1996
SONG"Philadelphia" or "Kansas City"
ASNERActor Ed from Kansas City

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