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Crossword Answers: Teacher,-at-times
PROTeacher, at times
TESTERTeacher, at times
EXPLAINERTeacher, at times
LACERPreschool teacher, at times
GRADERSTeachers, at times
CROSSEXAMINERSAngry teachers, at times?
UMBRIDGEDolores ___ (Teacher at Hogwarts)
EUCLIDTeacher at Alexandria
SNAPEPotions teacher at Hogwarts
CHAPERONETeacher at a dance, say
PROFTeacher at a college, for short
KOTTERTeacher at TV's James Buchanan High
KLEE1920s teacher at the Bauhaus
REEFKNOTKeen for teacher at first to straighten out Jack"s tie? (4,4)
STREEPNoted student of actress Jean Arthur when Arthur was a teacher at Vassar
PRESSTHEISSUEWork out at Time?
DILUTORWater, at time
SPEWERVolcano, at time
ADVANCEDPertaining to highest level of development at time
LEADINGEDGEPertaining to highest level of development at time
STATEOFTHEARTPertaining to highest level of development at time
NEWPertaining to highest level of development at time
ULTRAMODERNPertaining to highest level of development at time
FOREFRONTPertaining to highest level of development at time
MOSTRECENTPertaining to highest level of development at time
LATESTPertaining to highest level of development at time
DETRIMENTTried using soldiers at time of loss (9)
ESCULENTTasty Tesco filling acceptable at time of fasting (8)
TALENTGift for turning up at time with little on plate perhaps (6)
YODA"Star Wars" series teacher
LATTE"Star Wars" series teacher
PASSIVEVOICE"I was called apathetic by my teacher"?
SCOPES"Monkey Trial" teacher
RABBI"My teacher," in Hebrew
WHATSYOUREXCUSE"A teacher needs to see it if you're tardy"
BUMPERSTICKER"IF YOU CAN READ THIS, thank a teacher" medium
OPUS"Mr. Holland's ___" (movie where Richard Dreyfuss plays a music teacher)
NUTHead of the teachers" union? (3)
HEADSGoes for senior teachers (5)
TICKERSMaybe watches teachers marking good homework? (7)
ESSAYSEnglish teacher's stack
TUITIONTeachers" union can grasp nothing, giving instruction (7)
TWOMASTERSA couple of teachers taking part in the regatta? (3-7)
SURELYYOUGUESSEDTeacher's comment to someone with randomly wrong answers?
STRICTSome teachers are made a fool of, say, by class ultimately (6)
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