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Crossword Answers: Teacher,-at-times
EXPLAINERTeacher, at times
TESTERTeacher, at times
PROTeacher, at times
LACERPreschool teacher, at times
GRADERSTeachers, at times
CROSSEXAMINERSAngry teachers, at times?
DONTeacher at Oxford
UMBRIDGEDolores ___ (Teacher at Hogwarts)
EUCLIDTeacher at Alexandria
SNAPEPotions teacher at Hogwarts
CHAPERONETeacher at a dance, say
PROFTeacher at a college, for short
KOTTERTeacher at TV's James Buchanan High
KLEE1920s teacher at the Bauhaus
TOTECarry On Teacher at first shown in the centre of Cheltenham
BELLADONNARing a teacher at university over North American drug (10)
REEFKNOTKeen for teacher at first to straighten out Jack"s tie? (4,4)
STREEPNoted student of actress Jean Arthur when Arthur was a teacher at Vassar
TRIASSICTerrible crisis at time dinosaurs appeared
PRESSTHEISSUEWork out at Time?
DILUTORWater, at time
SPEWERVolcano, at time
NUTSBrazil more than once, described by teachers at school (4)
LANGUAGEThe French gun used at time of speech (8)
ATLONGLASTAfter lengthy delay, strong man carries on - extremely grateful at time (2,4,4)
PARENTAGEFather in tears at time of birth (9)
BILATERAL4 is around at time for two parties (9)
INUNDATEOne devoted woman at time of Flood (8)
TANTRUMSFits of temper at time worker drinks? (8)
DETRIMENTTried using soldiers at time of loss (9)
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