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Crossword Answers: Teacher,-at-times
PROTeacher, at times
TESTERTeacher, at times
EXPLAINERTeacher, at times
LACERPreschool teacher, at times
EUCLIDTeacher at Alexandria
UMBRIDGEDolores ___ (Teacher at Hogwarts)
SNAPEPotions teacher at Hogwarts
CHAPERONETeacher at a dance, say
PROFTeacher at a college, for short
KOTTERTeacher at TV's James Buchanan High
KLEE1920s teacher at the Bauhaus
STREEPNoted student of actress Jean Arthur when Arthur was a teacher at Vassar
SCOPES"Monkey Trial" teacher
YODA"Star Wars" series teacher
LATTE"Star Wars" series teacher
RABBI"My teacher," in Hebrew
WHATSYOUREXCUSE"A teacher needs to see it if you're tardy"
PASSIVEVOICE"I was called apathetic by my teacher"?
BUMPERSTICKER"IF YOU CAN READ THIS, thank a teacher" medium
OPUS"Mr. Holland's ___" (movie where Richard Dreyfuss plays a music teacher)
ASTERSMale teachers don't start getting flowers
ACHEPain in teacher's heart
HITBOTTOMThe teacher's paddle had clearly ___
MARKTeachers do it for money (4)
MASTERKEYTeacher's answer to all brain-locks? (6-3)
NONPROFORGANIZATIONSGroups with no university teachers as members?

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