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Crossword Answers: Tattoo
OWSTattoo parlor sounds
MOMSStereotypical tattoo honorees
INKINColor, as a tattoo
SAMOANLanguage from which "tattoo" comes
ANKLESTattoo sites, perhaps
NEEDLETattoo tool
TEARCertain memorial tattoo
LASEDErased a tattoo, say
LANADELREYBeautimelancholic singer of "Video Games" and "Summertime Sadness" who has a tattoo on her right arm
DRAGONCrime novel and film, The Girl with the... Tattoo (6)
FANTASYARTGenre for tattoo design, in Tampa
TINKERMANTattoo artist, male wearing leather, seeing manager fiddling
CRAIGDaniel ___, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star (5)
INDECORUMGreen parts within tattoo an unseemly thing
THERMOFAXTransparency printer used by tattoo artists for stencils
EDINBURGHCASTLECity venue occasionally spotlighting tattoo artists (9,6)
TOOTHHalf the tattoo is the Trim Gnasher (5)
ISLANDFeatured Mr Roarke and Tattoo ( Fantasy ------)
BUDGETEDANINCHAllocated enough money for a very small tattoo, say?
ROONEY"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" star ___ Mara
MIAMIINKFormer TLC reality show set in a Florida tattoo parlor
MILITARYBANDSHalifax: June 30th July 7th, 2015... Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo participants: 2 wds.
DRUMBEATTattoo of devil's head and spirit done in ? (8)
POPEYEIconic figure with an anchor tattoo
DELTARe-model tattoo to include Greek letter
STIEGLarsson who wrote "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"
MIAMINKTLC reality show about Floridian tattoo artists
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