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Crossword Answers: Takes-to-jail
ARRESTSTakes to jail
RUNSINTakes to jail
RUNINTake to jail
PRISONQuietly Ron is taken off to jail
BEACONWarner saying "Go to jail"?
LEDAWAYTaken to jail
REXDReturn to jail
DONOTPASSGOPhrase heard before heading to jail
FACETIMEHave the possibility of going to jail
RANINHauled to jail
PERPGuy hauled to jail
SAILSTakes to the sea
SEATS*Takes to a table, say
RUMBADance when graduate takes to drink (5)
MADEA"___ Goes to Jail" (2009 Tyler Perry movie)
SALTAWAYPut in the bank for old sea dog going to jail (4,4)
EROSMagazine for which publisher Ralph Ginzburg went to jail
ERNESTHe went to camp in '87, to jail in '90, and to school in '94
YOUCANTTAKEITWITHYOU"If you go to jail, will all these beautiful things fit in your cell?"
POTATOKitty takes to a new form of starch (6)
PROCREATORExpert buggy racer takes to person with 20 (10)
HEADLINERTakes to the stage last on the Titanic - on your shoulders be it to begin with (9)
REDRAGRegard what it takes to enrage bovine (3,3)
MOTORISTComes in ahead of the rest after Ford takes to the road (8)
MONOPOLYBoard game in which you may not pass Go if you have to go directly to jail
LIKETHECLAPPERSVery quickly take to appreciative audience (4,3,8)
SACRAMENTOBones guys take to US city (10)
LOTTOGame many take to (5)
PLOPTake to a beanbag chair
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