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Crossword Answers: Takes-to-jail
RUNSINTakes to jail
RUNINHaul off to jail
YOUCANTTAKEITWITHYOU"If you go to jail, will all these beautiful things fit in your cell?"
PERPGuy hauled to jail
RANINHauled to jail
FACETIMEHave the possibility of going to jail
ERNESTHe went to camp in '87, to jail in '90, and to school in '94
EROSMagazine for which publisher Ralph Ginzburg went to jail
DONOTPASSGOPhrase heard before heading to jail
REXDReturn to jail
LEDAWAYTaken to jail
HEARSTakes to heart
HEEDSTakes to heart
INTERNALIZESTakes to heart
SUESTakes to court
ARRAIGNSTakes to court
ONETASTEAll it takes to convince you, in some ads
AMIEForeign friend Damien takes to heart
CONFORMSGoes along with what it takes to get along, say
TURNAROUNDTIMEHow long it takes to get something back (and a hint to this puzzle's theme)
TWOHow many it takes to tango?
BABYOne who takes to the bottle?
DINESTakes to Sardi's, say
APPEALSTakes to another court
ABUSESTakes to excess
WEDSTakes to heart?
INFER"Whut are ya ___?" (Dogpatch jail question)
GOTO"___ Jail" (Monopoly card)
SELESA German tennis fan served no jail time for stabbing her
BIRMINGHAMAnother jail for MLK, Jr.
SPRANGArranged a release, as from jail
GOFREEBe released from jail
ESCAPEBreak out of jail
GOESOVERTHEWALLBreaks out of jail
GAOLBritish jail
BRIGBATClub in a Navy jail?
BAILBLONDColor offered at the jail salon?
COPAPLEACome to terms for less jail time, say
SETBAILDetermine get-out-of-jail money

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