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Crossword Answers: Takes-to-jail
RUNSINTakes to jail
RUNINTake to jail
MONOPOLYBoard game in which you may not pass Go if you have to go directly to jail
ARRESTSEscorts to jail
LEDAWAYTaken to jail
REXDReturn to jail
DONOTPASSGOPhrase heard before heading to jail
EROSMagazine for which publisher Ralph Ginzburg went to jail
ERNESTHe went to camp in '87, to jail in '90, and to school in '94
FACETIMEHave the possibility of going to jail
RANINHauled to jail
PERPGuy hauled to jail
YOUCANTTAKEITWITHYOU"If you go to jail, will all these beautiful things fit in your cell?"
TOMATOCat takes to a new plant (6)
ALLSORTSWhat it takes to make the world of confectA-ionery? (3-5)
STEPSWhat one takes to advance
SLEDSTakes to the hills?
SURFSTakes to the waves
GOLFSTakes to the links
RAMPSUPTakes to the next level
CUBESTakes to a higher power?
AILSTakes to the sickbed
ONEHOURTime it takes to develop a set of photos, maybe
HOMEROOMPHWhat it takes to get the ball over the wall?
EGOTRIPSJourneys you take to feel good about yourself (3,5)
ACTTake to the stage
LIEDOWNTake to one's bed (3,4)
DANCETake to the floor
SWIMTake to the pool
LOLLTake to the hammock
BEDTake to sleep with, say
HAULINTake to the jailhouse
TOWTake to the body shop, perhaps
MARSCANDYBARSnack to take to astronomy class?
SCOLDOUTSIDETake to task on the porch?
RELAXTake to the chaise
ARRESTTake to the clink
TACTWhat it may take to answer the question "Does this make me look fat?"
ANTSThey take to the hills
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