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Crossword Answers: TV-listings-info
GUESTSTARTV listings info
CABLETV listings category
SKEDTV listings
DISMickey Mouse's channel, in TV listings
SHOAbbr. in TV listings
FAM"The 700 Club" channel, in TV listings
TBA"I don't know yet," in the TV listings
RAPSHEETPrior listings?
EXTSUniv. directory listings
MASTHEADSMagazine info listings
SIRESStudbook listings
TECHSector of many Nasdaq listings
CREDITSFilm cast & crew listings
SOURCESBibliography listings
LANESTrack listings?
PLACENAMESMap listings
TIMESMovie listing listings
RAREDescription on many eBay listings
SPASTravel agency listings
TOWNSAtlas index listings
ADFEESRate card listings
ALIAS"America's Most Wanted" info
TRIVIA"Jeopardy!" info
DEF"OED" info
SYNS"Roget's" info (abbr.)
ALIASES'Wanted' poster info
SSN1040 info: Abbr.
CNN24-hr. info station
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