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Crossword Answers: Swiss-calculus-pioneer
EULERSwiss calculus pioneer
ADOBECalculus pioneer Leonhard
NEWTONCalculus inventor
MATHISNTCalculus disappears
ORALHEALTHCalculus expert's concern
MATHMAJORStudent taking Advanced Calculus
ALGCalculus prereq.
RENAL___ calculus (kidney stone)
VECTOR___ analysis (branch of calculus)
EASYASWhat Astrophysics and Advanced Calculus probably aren't
MATHTrig or calculus
ADVANCEDLike Calculus II
PREIntroduction to calculus?
LEIBNIZGerman co-discoverer of calculus
DDSDegree for one who's studied calculus
AMOS"Famous" cookie pioneer
DIOR"New Look" pioneer
MUDDYWATERS'40s-'50s blues pioneer
PAAR'50s talk-show pioneer
PEALE'Positive thinking' pioneer
ARTAUD'Theater of cruelty' pioneer
WELCH19th century grape juice preservation pioneer
TRIGMath class often taken before calculus, for short
ROOTWORDThe Greek "khalix" (pebble) for the English "calculus," e.g.
ILLBEAN"Sick Noggin: Autobiography of a Mail-Order Pioneer"
DMCRap pioneers Run-___
COVEREDWAGONUS pioneers' transport (7,5)
RAMONESPunk pioneers
COINERSVerbal pioneers
ROCKChuck Berry and Buddy Holly were pioneers of ... and roll
EVOLUTIONCharles Darwin and Alfred Wallace were pioneers in the study of this biological process
OREGONTRAILPioneers in covered wagons travelled west along this North American migratory route to the Pacific N
SALTLAKEMormon pioneers led by Brigham Young founded this capital of Utah in 1847, ... City (4,4)
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