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Crossword Answers: Swiss-calculus-pioneer
EULERSwiss calculus pioneer
ADOBECalculus pioneer Leonhard
GRAPHSCalculus homework
KIDNEYSTONERenal calculus
MATHSAlgebra, geometry, calculus etc (abbr) (5)
DELWedge-shaped symbol in vector calculus
PEBBLEFootballer collects books of calculus (6)
CAUCUSGathering of students leaving calculus problem (6)
ISAACNEWTONInventor of calculus in Picture D (5,6)
NEWTONCalculus inventor
MATHISNTCalculus disappears
ORALHEALTHCalculus expert's concern
MATHMAJORStudent taking Advanced Calculus
ALGCalculus prereq.
LOG"South Park" song "Swiss Colony Beef ___"
WYSS"Swiss Family Robinson" author
ALPS"Swiss Family Robinson" peaks
LEONHARDEULER18th Century Swiss mathematician noted for his work on the calculus of variation (8,5)
INTEGRATOROne used to find value in calculus objective written up in cast iron (10)
CLEVERAble to get a handle on calculus, initially (6)
TRIGMath class often taken before calculus, for short
PLOWEssential implement of pioneers
SODMaterial for pioneer's homes, once
HEDG-punk pioneers (___) PE
MARTYRSBritain's Trades Union Congress runs an annual festival to celebrate the workers' rights pioneers kn
AVIATIONOrville and Wilbur Wright were pioneers in this science and practice of flight
EUROPEANISATIONAuto pioneers in a move to establish integration into multinational community (15)
PATHFINDERPatrick and that girl hide discovery from one of the Pioneers (10)
COLONISEWhat pioneers do: invade, settle and educate leaders (8)

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