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Crossword Answers: Swiss-calculus-pioneer
EULERSwiss calculus pioneer
ADOBECalculus pioneer Leonhard
DELWedge-shaped symbol in vector calculus
PEBBLEFootballer collects books of calculus (6)
CAUCUSGathering of students leaving calculus problem (6)
ISAACNEWTONInventor of calculus in Picture D (5,6)
NEWTONCalculus inventor
MATHISNTCalculus disappears
ORALHEALTHCalculus expert's concern
MATHMAJORStudent taking Advanced Calculus
ALGCalculus prereq.
RENAL___ calculus (kidney stone)
VECTOR___ analysis (branch of calculus)
EASYASWhat Astrophysics and Advanced Calculus probably aren't
AMOS"Famous" cookie pioneer
DIOR"New Look" pioneer
MUDDYWATERS'40s-'50s blues pioneer
PAAR'50s talk-show pioneer
PEALE'Positive thinking' pioneer
ARTAUD'Theater of cruelty' pioneer
WELCH19th century grape juice preservation pioneer
INTEGRATOROne used to find value in calculus objective written up in cast iron (10)
CLEVERAble to get a handle on calculus, initially (6)
TRIGMath class often taken before calculus, for short
ROOTWORDThe Greek "khalix" (pebble) for the English "calculus," e.g.
ILLBEAN"Sick Noggin: Autobiography of a Mail-Order Pioneer"
HEDG-punk pioneers (___) PE
ISOPRENEPioneers synthetic rubber compound (8)
COONPioneer's cap supplier, informally
AVIATIONOrville and Wilbur Wright were pioneers in this science and practice of flight

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