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Crossword Answers: Swiss-calculus-pioneer
EULERSwiss calculus pioneer
ADOBECalculus pioneer Leonhard
LOG"South Park" song "Swiss Colony Beef ___"
WYSS"Swiss Family Robinson" author
ALPS"Swiss Family Robinson" peaks
INTERLAKEN... I'd send myself to the Swiss city of ___
USESA Swiss Army knife has lots of them
CHEESESAmerican and Swiss
AIRLINEAmerican or Swiss
AMOS"Famous" cookie pioneer
DIOR"New Look" pioneer
ILLBEAN"Sick Noggin: Autobiography of a Mail-Order Pioneer"
MUDDYWATERS'40s-'50s blues pioneer
PAAR'50s talk-show pioneer
PEALE'Positive thinking' pioneer
ARTAUD'Theater of cruelty' pioneer
WELCH19th century grape juice preservation pioneer
DEERE19th-century agribusiness pioneer
ATARI28 Electronic games pioneer
ARP3-D art pioneer
JEAN3-D art pioneer Arp
EPEEAbbe de l'___ (sign language pioneer)
JACKSONPOLLOCKAbstract Expressionism pioneer

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