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Crossword Answers: Surf-serving-
SEASCALLOPSSurf serving #1
SHRIMPSCAMPISurf serving #2
SMOKEDSALMONSurf serving #3
STUFFEDSOLESurf serving #4
OCEANPlace to surf
WEBPlace to surf
NETPlace to surf
THENETPlace to surf
SEASHOREPlace to surf
JANADEAN"Surf City" singers, 1963
CRAB"Surf and Turf" legs
NADA"The Proximity Effect" band ___ Surf
MALIBU"The surf sounds loudly"
ONLINEAble to surf
TUBULARAwesome, in surf slang
JANDean's "Surf City" partner
LOGONGet ready to surf, perhaps
STEAKHalf of "surf and turf"
FOAMHeavy surf feature
THEBIGBOPPERHis last concert was at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa (1959)
BUMIt follows beach, ski, surf and tennis
DSLIt helps you surf fast: Abbr.
JETSKIKawasaki-made surf skimmer
AROARLike the surf
OFFLINENot ready to surf
ALEBar serving
STEINBar serving
RYEBar serving
SALADBar serving
STRIPBacon serving
RASHERBacon serving
ONEC"Currently serving" military status
BYOB"We're not serving liquor," on invites
PLATTER*Serving tray
SLICE45-degree serving
DRAMA serving of grog or rum
ASHEAce-serving Arthur
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