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Crossword Answers: Surf-serving-
STUFFEDSOLESurf serving #4
SMOKEDSALMONSurf serving #3
SHRIMPSCAMPISurf serving #2
SEASCALLOPSSurf serving #1
DURANBAHTweed Coast surf beach (8)
SORROWFULSad when surf low or choppy
KERRLancaster's surf-embrace partner
DEAN"Surf City" Jan & ___
ROARINGLike some surf and crowds
BRITISHINVASIONSurf music's downfall
IRONMANSurf champion (4,3)
RIDESurf, ... the waves
THUMBARIDEAWAVEAFLAGHitchhike / Surf / Show patriotism
NORNada Surf "Neither Heaven ___ Space"
MERMENCali surf-rock band
AWAVECatch ___ (surf)
TEAAfter-dinner serving
PORTAfter-dinner serving
STEAK"Au poivre" serving
ONEC"Currently serving" military status
PLATTER*Serving tray
SLICE45-degree serving
DRAMA serving of grog or rum
ASHEAce-serving Arthur
DULLESAiport serving D.C.
MEALAirline serving
ORLYAirport serving Paris
PINTAle serving
UGGSPopular boots that originated from surf culture
NAT60s champion who featured in the surf movie, Crystal Voyager; ... Young
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