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Crossword Answers: Surf-serving-
STUFFEDSOLESurf serving #4
SMOKEDSALMONSurf serving #3
SHRIMPSCAMPISurf serving #2
SEASCALLOPSSurf serving #1
AWAVECatch ___ (surf)
LOBSTERSSome surf-and-turf servings
ENTREESurf or turf
LOGSONPrepares to surf?
CLAMBEDS"Surf" sources
DORMWhere collegians surf
HARTANDSOLETurf and surf?
BIBSurf-and-turf option
STEAK"Au poivre" serving
PLATTER*Serving tray
SLICE45-degree serving
ASHEAce-serving Arthur
TEAAfter-dinner serving
DULLESAiport serving D.C.
MEALAirline serving
ORLYAirport serving Paris
PINTAle serving
TANKARDAlehouse serving
INTERNETWhere to surf without getting wet
UNSOUNDWAVEBad thing to surf?
SHOOTTHECURL"Surf the big wave!"
OCEANSIDECalifornia Surf Museum city
CANALSChannels you can't surf
SLOGSWades through the surf
ERODENTLike wind and surf
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