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Crossword Answers: Suit-pocket-item
HANKYSuit-pocket item
COMBPocket item
CASHPocket item
FOBPocket item
PITAPocket item?
VETOPocket item?
MAGAirline seat pocket item, briefly
PDAPurse or pocket item, briefly
RAGGrease monkey's pocket item
FLASKToper's back-pocket item
KEYCASEJingly pocket item
FLASKSPocket bottles
PENHOLDERShirt pocket for some: 2 wds.
PHONEPocket calculator, sometimes
PERSONALWAD#39;s pocket?
TROUSERCentre back has United in pocket (7)
PITACHIPCrunchy pocket bread dipper
TROUSERLEGPocket on part of pants (7-3)
SPEEGraf __ (German "pocket battleship")
PENKNIVESPocket blades
BAIZEPocket-lining material?
FOBWATCHClock for the pocket
ROLLSStar's pocket filler
KEYPocket jangler
TOREADOR"Suit of lights" wearer
BULLFIGHTER"Suit of lights" wearer
MATADOR"Suit of lights" wearer
SLOAN"... Grey Flannel Suit" author Wilson
THEKINGOFHEARTS"Man" in a red suit
EXEC"Suit," so to speak
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