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Crossword Answers: Suit-pocket-item
HANKYSuit-pocket item
CASHPocket item
COMBPocket item
FOBPocket item
VETOPocket item?
PITAPocket item?
KEYCASEJingly pocket item
FLASKToper's back-pocket item
RAGGrease monkey's pocket item
PDAPurse or pocket item, briefly
MAGAirline seat pocket item, briefly
SEUSS"There's a Wocket in My Pocket!" author
DRSEUSS"There's a Wocket in My Pocket!" author
ANDA"--- pocket full of rye"
ABOMB"... a revolutionary is merely a climber with ___ in his pocket": Orwell
MARPLE"A Pocket Full of Rye" sleuth
REDSOX"Fenway in Your Pocket: The ___ Fan's Guide to Fenway Park"
ALANIS"Hand in My Pocket" singer Morissette
ACES"Pocket rockets," in Texas Hold 'Em
OLIVER"You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two" musical
UPHOLSTERER(n.) one who keeps his gun close to his shirt pocket
AABATTERYA pocket radio might have one
RYEAgatha Christie's "A Pocket Full of ___"
TOREADOR"Suit of lights" wearer
BULLFIGHTER"Suit of lights" wearer
MATADOR"Suit of lights" wearer
SLOAN"... Grey Flannel Suit" author Wilson
TAXIDRIVER"A ___ drops off a man in a suit..." (a '76 film)
ALANSHEPARD"Because of the suit I was wearing, I couldn't get a good pivot on the swing."
THEKINGOFHEARTS"Man" in a red suit
EXEC"Suit," so to speak
SERGE"Suit-able" material?
MANIN"The___the White Suit" (1951 film)
ZOOT"___ Suit Riot" (Cherry Poppin' Daddies song and album)
SAM*Man in a star-spangled suit

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