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Crossword Answers: Suit-pocket-item
HANKYSuit-pocket item
CASHPocket item
FOBPocket item
COMBPocket item
VETOPocket item?
PITAPocket item?
MAGAirline seat pocket item, briefly
PDAPurse or pocket item, briefly
RAGGrease monkey's pocket item
FLASKToper's back-pocket item
KEYCASEJingly pocket item
SEUSS"There's a Wocket in My Pocket!" author
DRSEUSS"There's a Wocket in My Pocket!" author
MARPLE"A Pocket Full of Rye" sleuth
ALANIS"Hand in My Pocket" singer Morissette
ACES"Pocket rockets," in Texas Hold 'Em
ANDA"--- pocket full of rye"
ABOMB"... a revolutionary is merely a climber with ___ in his pocket": Orwell
REDSOX"Fenway in Your Pocket: The ___ Fan's Guide to Fenway Park"
BILLIARDSTABLEFixture with six pockets
BORISA Russian twice pockets gold
AIRContents of some pockets
BASICWAGEGraduate, with time, pockets such a small amount of earnings? (5,4)
PICKPOCKETSThieves who steal things out of pockets or bags of others (11)
LACROSSEIt's played with long sticks that have netted pockets (8)
SICKBENEFITMoney going into the pockets of bad people?
SPLENDIDPick-pockets backed accepting grant in sterling (8)

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