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Crossword Answers: Striped-African-herbivores
ZEBRASStriped African herbivores
OKAPISStriped African animals
OKAPIStriped African mammal
KUDULesser ___, striped African antelope (4)
IBEXESAlpine herbivores
VEGIEHerbivore's snack
MEATHerbivores avoid it
RHINOSHorned herbivores
HIPPOSHuge herbivores
VEGANSHuman herbivores
IGUANASSpiny herbivores
TIEBasic striped tie
CLUBTIEBasic striped tie
OLDSCHOOLTIEBasic striped tie
REGIMENTALTIEBasic striped tie
SCHOOLTIEBasic striped tie
OKAPAnimal with striped legs
ELANDAnimal that may be striped
TIGERBig striped cat
HOBBESCalvin's striped friend
ELALCarrier with blue-striped jets
ESTONIACountry with a blue-, black- and white-striped flag
THECATINTHEHATDr. Seuss book featuring a famous striped accessory
CSFORESTER"The African Queen" author
FORESTER"The African Queen" author
AGEE"The African Queen" co-screenwriter
JAMESAGEE"The African Queen" co-screenwriter
BOGART"The African Queen" Oscar winner
BOGIE"The African Queen" co-star, informally
HUSTON"The African Queen" director

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