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Crossword Answers: Striped-African-herbivores
ZEBRASStriped African herbivores
ZEBRABlack and white striped African animal (5)
KUDULesser ___, striped African antelope (4)
OKAPIStriped African mammal
OKAPISStriped African animals
SEACOWSEndangered herbivores
IGUANODONSHerbivores of the early Cretaceous
DEERHerbivores pipe up (4)
REEDPipe up "They"re herbivores" (4)
IGUANODONOld herbivore's droppings suffice in bags (9)
RHINOCEROSESHefty herbivores
TAPIRSJungle herbivores
IGUANASSpiny herbivores
VEGANSHuman herbivores
HIPPOSHuge herbivores
RHINOSHorned herbivores
MEATHerbivores avoid it
VEGIEHerbivore's snack
THORNSharp outgrowth on a rose or citrus plant evolved as protection against herbivores
LEAVESGoes for what most herbivores go for (6)
GNUAfrican plains herbivore
MOAExtinct herbivore of New Zealand
PANDABlack-and-white herbivore
SEACOWLarge marine herbivore
MOOSELarge herbivore
VEGANHuman herbivore
TEAROOMWolves, say, with small herbivore in cafe (3,4)

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