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Crossword Answers: Store-info
HOURSStore info
ETAAirport info
ETASAirport info
ARRAirport info
ETDAirport info
ETDSAirport info
ALIAS"America's Most Wanted" info
TBA"Info forthcoming," for short
TRIVIA"Jeopardy!" info
DEF"OED" info
SYNS"Roget's" info (abbr.)
ALIASES'Wanted' poster info
SSN1040 info: Abbr.
CNN24-hr. info station
NEWSAP wire info
INTAcct. info
UPDATINGAdding late-breaking info to
TELAddress book info: Abbr.
ROUTESAirline info
CLASSAirline ticket info
DAVIDCAROTENE"... at your local health food store you can pick up some ___..."
ETC"And more," in store names
DANTE"Clerks" store clerk Hicks
ONLY"Employees ___" (store sign)
SAKS"Fifth Avenue" store
MACYS"Miracle on 34th Street" store
TIL"Open ___ 9" (store sign)
ACOOL"Store in ___, dry place"
MARXES"The Big Store" performers
APU"The Simpsons" convenience store owner
PAY"___ here" (store sign)
OPENTO"___ the public": store sign
HIFI'50s music store purchase
ATM'___ Inside' (store sign)
SAFE*Place to store valuables
SETSNO-store by:considers worthless
SIXTEENTONS1955 #1 hit that ends "I owe my soul to the company store"
AANDP1961 John Updike story set in a grocery store
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