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Crossword Answers: Stole-material
FURStole material
MINKStole material
RAPPORTBond reportedly stole gold (7)
CAPEStole from Catholic primate (4)
MEANLike the Grinch that stole Christmas
APIG"...stole __ and away did run"
SIPHONEDStole, as gasoline
EXTOLTalk about eggs! Stole acclaim (5)
POACHEDEGGStole seed for breakfast (7,3)
FURRIERStole storer
POACHEDSPEARSStole Spartan weapons?
ALIBaba who stole from thieves
RIFLEDRANGEStole food while cooking?
ALIBABAWoodcutter who stole from thieves
CHINCHILLASomething "fine" at a dinner party / Stole stuff, maybe
SASQUATCH"___ Stole My Lunch Money!" (2011 Weekly World News headline)
SCAPEGOATSarah first stole from Billy and Patsy perhaps (9)
FIFTYMISSIONCAP"___-___ ___": Tragically Hip tune with the line "I stole this from a hockey card..."
LEAFIESTStole a 2, interior part of which is offering best shade of green? (8)
ROBBEDLOWEStole from a 'West Wing' co-star?
PICKStole out of stockpile the jewel in the crown perhaps? (4)
ARTHISTORIANSThey know who stole the Mona Lisa in 1911? It's those investigating Guernica! (3,10)
ISLEI stole away to an isolated spot (4)
PIRATEHe stole away from the shore (6)
HARPMagic instrument Jack stole on his third trip up the beanstalk
TARTSWhat the knave stole from the Queen of Hearts
SHAWLStole's kin
BOASFluffy stoles
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