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Crossword Answers: Stole-material
FURStole material
MINKStole material
SABLEStole fur
ISLEI stole away to an isolated spot (4)
PIRATEHe stole away from the shore (6)
FURRIERStole storer
HARPMagic instrument Jack stole on his third trip up the beanstalk
POACHEDSPEARSStole Spartan weapons?
ALIBaba who stole from thieves
TARTSWhat the knave stole from the Queen of Hearts
RIFLEDRANGEStole food while cooking?
ALIBABAWoodcutter who stole from thieves
UPSTAGEDStole the show from
WHOSVillagers in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!"
WHOVillager in 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas!'
PROMETHEUSTitan who stole fire from the gods
YULETHIEFThe Grinch who stole Christmas?
PELTSStole things
TOOKCHANCESStole raffle tickets?
RUSTLEDStole from the herd
HOOKEDARUGORTWOStole from a crafts class?
MINKSStole animals

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