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Crossword Answers: Stole-material
FURStole material
MINKStole material
PEEPEDStole a look
TOOKISSUEArgued and stole the edition (4,5)
SHAWLStole or wrap (5)
HOW___ the Grinch Stole Christmas
RAPPORTBond reportedly stole gold (7)
CAPEStole from Catholic primate (4)
MEANLike the Grinch that stole Christmas
APIG"...stole __ and away did run"
SIPHONEDStole, as gasoline
OBSTACLECriminal stole cab but met a problem (8)
MARIECast as a dowager in Dinner At Eight, ... Dressler stole the show from other actors including John B
REUBENWRAPStole for a son of Jacob and Leah?
EFREMKookie, the car-park attendant, practically stole the show from leading actor ... Zimbalist in TV's
TOTHECENTREGertrude the goose stole the show from the dinosaurs in the 1959 adaptation of Jules Verne's novel,
SEUSSHow the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. ___
SUNSETSTRIPKookie, the comb-wielding car-parking attendant stole the show in one of TV's first private eye seri
OFHEARTSIn Wonderland, he stole the Queen's tarts; the knave ... (2,6)
PIGIn the nursery rhyme, Tom, Tom, the piper's son, stole this animal (and away did run)
CHINCHILLASomething "fine" at a dinner party / Stole stuff, maybe
SASQUATCH"___ Stole My Lunch Money!" (2011 Weekly World News headline)
SCAPEGOATSarah first stole from Billy and Patsy perhaps (9)
FIFTYMISSIONCAP"___-___ ___": Tragically Hip tune with the line "I stole this from a hockey card..."
LEAFIESTStole a 2, interior part of which is offering best shade of green? (8)
ROBBEDLOWEStole from a 'West Wing' co-star?
BOASFluffy stoles
WRAPMUSICSongs about stoles?
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