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Crossword Answers: Stole-material
MINKStole material
FURStole material
TOOKSILKBecame a barman in London and stole material for boxers (4,4)
GRINCH*He stole Christmas
ADOLESCENTTeenager stole dance (10)
THESPOILSDismantled ship and stole booty (3,6)
LEADERChief stole a derelict part (6)
SCARFACENotorious gangster stole one (8)
ROBINHe stole from the rich and gave to the needy
MAGGIEMAYRod Stewart classic with the line 'You stole my heart but I love you anyway'
RUN"Tom, Tom the piper's son Stole a pig and away he ..." nursery rhyme (3)
SKIERSlalom competitor stole peas from captain (5)
SOHO"Jesus Stole My Girlfriend" band Violent ___
FRACASStole after breaking in, a recurrent disturbance (6)
TADPOLESPond-life stole iPad I lost, carelessly (8)
ROBEDDressed in stole when bishop was away (5)
HORSETHIEFWho stole Shergar? Fish out one of the others! (5,5)
KNOCKEDSPOTSOFFStole points inside, so won easily (7,5,3)
MISTLETOEStole time off - for Christmas? (9)
CLOTHIERSRich stole (anag) - tailors (9)
POLYESTERStole prey (anag) - synthetic material (9)
OSTLERStable chap stole pickled cucumber in the end (6)
APOSTLEPreacher and the PA stole away (7)
PLAGIARISEDPilger said: "A doctor stole my words!" (11)
BOATSWAINPetty officer stole two shillings taken aboard (9)
GREENHAMCOMMONImmature actor not unusual where 19 stole the limelight (8,6)
SHAWLStole's kin
BOASFluffy stoles
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