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Crossword Answers: Steely-Dan's-title-liar
KATYSteely Dan's title liar
WALTERSteely Dan's Becker
IMAFOOLStart of Steely Dan's "Dirty Work" chorus
REELINSteely Dan's "___' in the Years" Yesterday's Crossword
AJASteely Dan's best-selling album
ATHRILLSteely Dan's "Can't Buy ___"
BROWNBEARDan's favorite mammal?
HANDSDan's ____ (Alfredson's scoring touch)
ILETerre dans l'ocean
ADVANCESDan's cave makeover goes ahead (8)
GDANSKPort's responsible for smug Dan's kind heart (6)
DENTALSURGEONDoctor Dan's our gentle oral clinician (6,7)
SANDPAPERAbrasive material Dan's used daily (9)
NIAPEEPLES"Pretty Little Liars" co-star
ADMIRALSExcited mad liars with butterflies (8)
RAMONA'Pest' in Beverly Cleary titles
ESQSA.B.A. members' titles
FAKESFall Out Boy "The Patron Saint of Liars and ___"
BIG1988 Tom Hanks film (and a link to the starts of this puzzle's other six film titles)

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