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Crossword Answers: Steely-Dan's-title-liar
KATYSteely Dan's title liar
WALTERSteely Dan's Becker
IMAFOOLStart of Steely Dan's "Dirty Work" chorus
REELINSteely Dan's "___' in the Years" Yesterday's Crossword
AJASteely Dan's best-selling album
ATHRILLSteely Dan's "Can't Buy ___"
ELWOODDan's The Blues Brothers (1980) role
NATTINESSDapper Dan's trait
SANDDan's off to the beach (4)
THISOLDRAGDapper Dan's disclaimer?
IRONSartre's La Mort Dans L'Ame was called, in English, ... In The Soul
BARGAMELiar's poker, for one
RIALSTragic liars from foreign capital (5)
LIEASLEEPLiars leap at the sound of slumber (3,6)
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