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Crossword Answers: Steely-Dan's-title-liar
KATYSteely Dan's title liar
AJA1977 Steely Dan title track
ATHRILLSteely Dan's "Can't Buy ___"
RIKKIWho Steely Dan gave a "Number" to?
ASIAContinent that sounds like a Steely Dan album title
HEYNINETEENSteely Dan hit, 1980
DOITAGAINSteely Dan hit of 1972
DONALDFAGENSteely Dan half who had a 1982 hit with "I.G.Y."
FAGENDonald of Steely Dan
PEG1977 Steely Dan hit
HOWALL"You should know ___ the pros play the game" (Steely Dan line)
LOGIC"Pretzel ___" (Steely Dan album)
NATTINESSDapper Dan's trait
SANDDan's off to the beach (4)
THISOLDRAGDapper Dan's disclaimer?
ARTEOne of Dick and Dan's ensemble
EAUIt's found dans le bain
DIVANBackless couch for Dan holding four (5)
TRADING1983 film comedy starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy (7,6)
JACKTHE1974 novel by Dan McCall (4,3,4)
DARKSTAR1974 sci-fi film starring and co-written by Dan O'Bannon (4,4)

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