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Crossword Answers: Steal-attention-from
DISTRACTSteal attention from
UPSTAGESteal attention from
REDHERRINGSAppetizer that diverts attention from the main menu?
HEATAttention from the cops
INKAttention from the press
TLCAttention from Dr. Mom
OTOOLE"How to Steal a Million" star Peter
IMITATE"Immature artists ___; mature artists steal." (Lionel Tril
ELIOT"Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal" writer
LEN"Steal My Sunshine" band
ABBIE"Steal This Book!" author Hoffman
THIS"Steal ___ Book" (1971 Abbie Hoffman bestseller)
AHEM"Pay attention!"
LOOK"Pay attention!"
SEEHERE"Pay attention!"
LOMAN"Attention must be paid" to him
KMART"Attention, ___ shoppers..."
IGNOREIT"Don't pay any attention to that"
PSST"I want your attention!"
NARCISSUS"I will pay more attention to my appearance," said ___
HAS"It ___ come to my attention..."

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