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Crossword Answers: Steal-attention-from
UPSTAGESteal attention from
DISTRACTSteal attention from
UPSTAGESDraws attention from, in a way
TLCAttention from Dr. Mom
INKAttention from the press
HEATAttention from the cops
REDHERRINGSAppetizer that diverts attention from the main menu?
SNIPSteal what 23 do (4)
BOARSteal up around a wild beast (4)
ROBINSteal fashionable bird
SUNSHINE"Steal My ___" by Canadian group Len
BLAGScrounge - steal (4)
LEASTSteal the smallest (5)
BONEIndividual"s after book to steal (4)
ROBOTSteal to get back automaton (5)
LOMAN"Attention must be paid" to him
KMART"Attention, ___ shoppers..."
IGNOREIT"Don't pay any attention to that"
MALTESEThe sort of cross or falcon that could make me steal (7)
ROBEDSteal from writer dressed like a judge (5)
MICROBEIt infects more than one mouse about to steal (7)
TAKEASHORTCUTSteal key from the barbers and don't go the long way about it (4,1,5,3)
WELSHSteal the show dropping hot seat overseas, in a manner of speaking (5)
KLEPTOMANIACMan to pickle (anag) - one with an urge to steal (12)
KLEPTOMANIATerm used in psychology for a strong impulse to steal without motivation (11)
STEELWOOLSaid to steal mohair for example to make pot scourer (5,4)
ANEMIAResult of Dracula's attentions?
EARLDOMNoble rank Attention's given to Lord with higher honour (7)
UNITYSister of Nancy and Jessica Mitford, she courted the attentions of Adolf Hitler, then attempted suic
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