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Crossword Answers: Steal-attention-from
UPSTAGESteal attention from
DISTRACTSteal attention from
TLCAttention from Dr. Mom
INKAttention from the press
HEATAttention from the cops
REDHERRINGSAppetizer that diverts attention from the main menu?
STRAWANDALLThorough way to steal someone's milk shake?
SAVEBIGGet a steal at a store
PEEPSteal a look
NICKELSteal the Spanish coin
REAVESteal, archaically
NOTThou shalt ... steal
TAKENOTEObserve someone steal some money
TAKECARESteal mini from sweetheart? Good luck! (4,4)
LOMAN"Attention must be paid" to him
KMART"Attention, ___ shoppers..."
IGNOREIT"Don't pay any attention to that"
BULLYOne who might steal a classmate's lunch money
ROBINHOODStarting to steal at home a thug becomes an outlaw
AIRRAIDSounds like operation to steal draft that's bound to bomb! (3,4)
TAKEACOUNTSounds like something accountant would say to steal American capital from royal household (4,1,5)
NICKERSteal top and bottom of Eiffel Tower for ?1 locally? (6)
TAKEABREATHERSounds like something someone singing their lungs out would do to steal a three-bar rendition (4,1,8
TAKEAGLANCEATSteal silver spear on a square for a quick look (4,1,6,2)
TAKEABACKSEATSteal something from under one of the rear passengers and stay in the shadows (4,1,4,4)
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