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Crossword Answers: Steal-attention-from
UPSTAGESteal attention from
DISTRACTSteal attention from
UPSTAGESDraws attention from, in a way
TLCAttention from Dr. Mom
INKAttention from the press
HEATAttention from the cops
REDHERRINGDiversion intended to distract attention from the main issue (3,7)
REDHERRINGSAppetizer that diverts attention from the main menu?
HOUSEBREAKINGUnlawfully entering a house to steal (13)
LIMELIGHTAttract attention, steal the ...
DECAMPSSteal away (7)
THUNDERSteal someone's _ (7)
GIVEAWAY'Steal' present on holiday
ALARMSIronic items to steal
ALABASTERSteal Arab's unusual stone (9)
LUTEInstrument to steal from the sound of it
BORZOIOn the way back I take small weight and steal dog
PICNICBASKETSFavorite items for Yogi to steal: 2 wds.
PROBLEMDavid Cameron about to steal from the French? That's a worry (7)
ARTISTE"In this part I steal the show" (stage performer) (7)
WAKEROBINCome to steal from trendy lords and ladies? (4-5)
PANICKYSteal someone's wages without getting worked up (7)
BAGASSERefuse to steal a ship before first escaping(7)
EGGFLIPNot the last to steal up to take horse to drink (3-4)
ANEMIAResult of Dracula's attentions?

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