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Crossword Answers: Steal-attention-from
UPSTAGESteal attention from
DISTRACTSteal attention from
UPSTAGESDraws attention from, in a way
TLCAttention from Dr. Mom
INKAttention from the press
HEATAttention from the cops
REDHERRINGDiversion intended to distract attention from the main issue (3,7)
REDHERRINGSAppetizer that diverts attention from the main menu?
AWAYRobbie Dupree "Steal ___"
ROBINSONCRUSOESteal cruelly connoisseur's classic work
STEALTHSteal part of this military bomber (7)
TRANNYAttempt to steal woman's radio
SIDLESteal from new delis (5)
CROOKSThey may well steal pastoral equipment (6)
SPIRITSteal away to have a drink
TAGSFoils an attempted steal
TURNOVERSteal from sales (8)
CAROBAccountant to steal Mediterranean tree
INBORNNative to steal from raised local houses (6)
SECRETSteal from telecasters and keep it to yourself (6)
CATBURGLARSDo they break in to steal mice? (3,8)
PICKPOCKETSThieves who steal things out of pockets or bags of others (11)
BUGLENot right to enter a property to steal a musical instrument (5)
GUARDDOGDeterrent to one who'd steal a broadsheet setter, possibly not Paisley? (5,3)
ANEMIAResult of Dracula's attentions?
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