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Crossword Answers: Statement-line-item
INVOICEStatement line item
RULERLine item?
FISHJEnd-of-the-line item
LUREEnd-of-the-line item
DAMPedigree papers line item
IRAForm 1040 line item
RIDERLine-item veto target, often
SHILLFACTORLine item in P.T. Barnum's annual budget?
SKATEIn-line item
VETOControversial line-item power
RENTALCARBudget line item?
AUTOAssembly line item
THREAT"...or else!" statement
ARE"All men ___ created equal" (Declaration of Independence statement)
EPITAPH"Here lies..." statement
THAT"I can make ___" (gimme taker's statement)
ANE"I'd like to buy ___" ("Wheel of Fortune" statement)
NOUSE"It's ___!" statement of resignation
CONQUERSALL"Love ___" (statement from Virgil): 2 wds.
CREED"Neither snow, nor rain..." statement
LIBELSlanderous statements in print (5)
TRIALBALANCESIt's part of test that weighs a lot on society of accountant's final statements (5,8)
ANTINOMYA contradiction between two statements that seem equally reasonable (8)
PRESSRELEASESStatements to newspapers (5,8)
GENERALISESMakes sweeping statements
ALTARScene of some sworn statements
BAASSheepish statements
FACTSVerifiable statements

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