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Crossword Answers: Stand-behind
BACKStand behind
ADVOCATEStand behind
DEFENDStand behind
ENDORSEStand behind
SUPPORTStand behind
AUTHORIZEStand behind
PLEDGEStand behind
ESPOUSEStand behind
GUARANTEEStand behind
WARRANTStand behind
CHAMPIONStand behind
SWEARBYStand behind
GOTOBAASFORStand behind, sheepishly?
UMPSThey stand behind catchers
QUEUETIPS"Stand behind the person in front of you" and "Don't cut"?
DIALFace behind two hands
LATENTConcealed behind books (6)
LIZARDReptile found behind lounge (6)
TSELIOTAuthor of Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats (the work that was the inspiration behind the Lloyd We
ALPINEMountainous fir tree behind Pacino (6)
CONFIRMVerify that corporation was behind swindle (7)
FOLLOWERFan to tag along behind queen (8)
IRAQIGoing back, I queue behind Ira from Baghdad (5)
SCARFACEWhat they called Al Capone (probably behind his back)
IMLATEBehind-schedule comment
DANAAuthor of "Two Years Behind the Mast"
ZOOCollection of animals behind bars (3)
MUDFLAPProtective rubber sheet behind a car's wheel (7)
PILLIONSeat for a passenger behind a motorcyclist (7)
STOCKROOMStorage area behind a shop (9)
STAGEMANAGEMENTBehind-the-scenes theatre work (5,10)
DAWDLERPerson lagging behind (7)
MEDALLeft behind poorly-made decoration (5)
DRIVINGHard hitting behind the wheel (7)
ANGLERRex Hunt, for example, gets right behind particular point of view (6)
STRAGGLERSThose lagging behind
OPPOSEDSat behind revolving Post Office counter (7)
PULLTHE Influence from behind the scenes (4,3,7)
DAWDLELag behind (6)

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