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Crossword Answers: Stand-behind
BACKStand behind
ADVOCATEStand behind
DEFENDStand behind
ENDORSEStand behind
SUPPORTStand behind
AUTHORIZEStand behind
PLEDGEStand behind
ESPOUSEStand behind
GUARANTEEStand behind
WARRANTStand behind
CHAMPIONStand behind
SWEARBYStand behind
QUEUETIPS"Stand behind the person in front of you" and "Don't cut"?
UMPSThey stand behind catchers
GOTOBAASFORStand behind, sheepishly?
ISNT" ___ that you behind those Foster Grants?"
CHAN"Behind That Curtain" detective
ARRAS"Behind the ___ I'll convey myself": Polonius
VEIL"Behind the ___ in Arabia: Women in Oman"
INTERROGATION"Can Spring be far behind?"
THEE"Get ___ behind me..."
TOTIE"He has to make this ___" (announcer's comment on a team that's three points behind and about to att
FAR"If Winter comes, can Spring be ___ behind?"
ODE"If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?" work
EDUC"No Child Left Behind" dept.
ILEFT"The Girl ___ Behind Me" (war tune)
GIRLI"The ___ Left Behind Me" (Civil War tune)
HEEL"Walk behind me, Rover"
AMC"___ Backstory": 2000s behind-the-scenes series
LEFT"___ Behind: The Movie" (2000)
LON"___ Chaney: The Man Behind the Thousand Faces"
PAYNO"___ attention to that man behind the curtain"
NOSIGN"___ of love behind the tears" (Beatles line)
VHONE'Behind the Music' station
PARKERINBACK'Put your car behind the building!'
BACKDROP*Fall behind
CINDERS*What the intruder accidentally left behind
SUBURBAN... leaving behind my quiet ___ existence...
MANICTUESDAY1985 pop hit released behind schedule?
PEET2nd place in main event behind McEvoy in 1983*
AFTA 12-in. behind

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