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Crossword Answers: Stand-behind
BACKStand behind
SWEARBYStand behind
PLEDGEStand behind
ADVOCATEStand behind
ESPOUSEStand behind
DEFENDStand behind
GUARANTEEStand behind
ENDORSEStand behind
WARRANTStand behind
SUPPORTStand behind
CHAMPIONStand behind
AUTHORIZEStand behind
GOTOBAASFORStand behind, sheepishly?
UMPSThey stand behind catchers
STRIKESBACKStop-work actions stand behind what the empire does, apparently (7,4)
OUTBACKExtinguished stand, behind remote bush region (7)
QUEUETIPS"Stand behind the person in front of you" and "Don't cut"?
BACKSStands behind
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