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Crossword Answers: Stamp-act
GEORGEIIIStamp Act repealer
TAXLAWThe Stamp Act, e.g.
ADAMSStamp Act foe John or Samuel
OTISStamp Act Congress participant James
SATAYOrg. that implemented the Food Stamp Act
SONS___ of Liberty (Stamp Act opposers of 1765)
POSTAGEPrice of stamp
REVALIDATEStamp again, perhaps
HINGEStamp collector's fastener
EDATEOnline time stamp
EYESONLYDossier stamp
SEVENCENTLike a 1938 Andrew Jackson stamp
POEHonoree on a 2009 bicentennial stamp
AFFIXINGPutting one's stamp on
ADHESIVEStuff on a stamp
FACEVALUE*What a "forever" stamp lacks
USSENATESubject of a 1989 bicentennial stamp
PENNYBLACKGirl taking jet to see old stamp
OFFICIALMandarin comes with a stamp on it (8)
GERMANMARKRelative to losing bearing with stamp from old capital (6,4)
STEPSISTERStamp on family member for Meany in pantomime (10)
REDEEMERStamp collector who cashes in to compensate for the defects of key reading (8)
COMEDIANSCanada Post's new stamp collection, Great Canadian ___
LUCILLELegends of Hollywood stamp honoree between Edward G. and Cary
THESICILIAN1987 crime film starring Christopher Lambert and Terence Stamp (3,8)
HITThe ___, 1984 crime film starring John Hurt and Terence Stamp (3)
ECARDGreeting not needing a stamp

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