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Crossword Answers: Stamp-act
TAXLAWThe Stamp Act, e.g.
GEORGEIIIStamp Act repealer
ADAMSStamp Act foe John or Samuel
OTISStamp Act Congress participant James
SATAYOrg. that implemented the Food Stamp Act
SONS___ of Liberty (Stamp Act opposers of 1765)
REMIT"Please ___" (invoice stamp)
AVION'Par --' (airmail stamp)
USAAbbr. on a stamp
TERENCEActor Stamp
FONDAActor on a 2005 postage stamp
METERAlternative to stamp
EDEBack of stamp
NSFBad stamp for a check
DENIEDBank application stamp
RECDBank stamp abbr.
VCRS"___ Transform Entertainment" (Celebrate the Century stamp for the 1970s)
MADE"___ in Japan" (stamp on some products)
ASHEAthlete honored on a 2005 postage stamp
FINNSTheir postage stamps say "Suomi"
GLASSINETranslucent envelope material for storing stamps
PENNYBLACKSGirl boycotts stamps ... (5,6)
POST___ office (place to buy stamps)
NEWISSUEStamps to commemorate a recent birth?
GLUESubstance on stamps
MADONNAPerson on dozens of US stamps since 1966
GATESHEADTown on the Tyne, site of a tilt bridge depicted on first-class stamps in 2000 and British one pound
COLLECTEDAccumulated artworks or stamps as a hobby
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