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Crossword Answers: Stamp-act
TAXLAWThe Stamp Act, e.g.
GEORGEIIIStamp Act repealer
ADAMSStamp Act foe John or Samuel
OTISStamp Act Congress participant James
SATAYOrg. that implemented the Food Stamp Act
SONS___ of Liberty (Stamp Act opposers of 1765)
REMIT"Please ___" (invoice stamp)
AVION'Par --' (airmail stamp)
USAAbbr. on a stamp
TERENCEActor Stamp
FONDAActor on a 2005 postage stamp
METERAlternative to stamp
EDEBack of stamp
NSFBad stamp for a check
DENIEDBank application stamp
RECDBank stamp abbr.
VCRS"___ Transform Entertainment" (Celebrate the Century stamp for the 1970s)
MADE"___ in Japan" (stamp on some products)
ASHEAthlete honored on a 2005 postage stamp
POST___ office (place to buy stamps)
NEWISSUEStamps to commemorate a recent birth?
GLUESubstance on stamps
FLAMENCODANCERProducer of stamps in Spain? (8,6)
ALBUMBlank book for stamps etc.
EXPIRATIONDATESProduct label stamps
TONGACountry that had banana-shaped stamps
CFLStamps league
POSTMASTERRoyal Mail employee tore stamps up (10)
COLSinger who appeared in an issue of stamps for Australia Post, ... Joye
GIBBONSHis catalogue of stamps, first published in 1856, was the 'bible' of philately; Edward Stanley ...
LATELYGreek character left off collecting stamps recently (6)
BASIEHe's left of the Dorseys on the Big Band Leaders stamps
PHILATELYStudy and collection of postage stamps (9)
REDEEMERSaviour to exchange stamps for money in hospital (8)
COGCanada Post's new stamps collection, Great Canadian ___
INHIS"... faith ___ name hath made this man strong" (Acts 3:16)
TOGIVE"... more blessed ___ than to receive": Acts
STERN"...they cast four anchors out of the ___" (Acts 27:29)
CHRISTIAN"Almost thou persuadest me to be a ___" (Acts 26:28)
SHE"And ___ said, Yea, for so much" (Acts 5:8)
MAD"And they said unto her, Thou art ___" (Acts 12:15)
DOTOHIS"As he intended to ___ brother": Acts
ABLE"And they were not ___ to resist the wisdom" (Acts 6:10)
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