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Crossword Answers: St.-Louis-bridge-architect
EADSSt. Louis bridge architect
HANDY"St. Louis Blues" composer
WCHANDY"St. Louis Blues" composer
MEET" ___ Me in St. Louis, Louis"
MEETME"- in St. Louis"
AMES"Meet Me in St. Louis" actor
PEARLBAILEY"St. Louis Woman" actress/singer
STAN"The Man" of St. Louis
BFGOODRICH*It provided tires for Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis
NEWT"Contract with America" architect Gingrich
IMPEI"Pyramide du Louvre" architect
ROARK"The Fountainhead" architect
SOLERI'Archology' architect
DELORME16th-century architect, Tuileries builder
PAXTON19th century English architect Sir Joseph ___
IMHOTEP3rd-Dynasty architect of Egypt's Step Pyramid
LINAlabama's Civil Rights Memorial architect
RYAN"A Bridge Too Far" author
CAINE"A Bridge Too Far" co-star
FAR"A Bridge Too ___"
TOO"A Bridge ___ Far"
MILLER"A View From the Bridge" playwright
WAREPIC"Apocalypse Now" or "The Bridge on the River Kwai"
GOREN"Bridge Complete" author
PISSARRO"Bridge at Bruges" painter

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