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Crossword Answers: Spring-holidays
EASTERSSpring holidays
PASSOVERSpring holiday
EASTERSpring holiday
MASEnd of the holidays?
ELFLittle help for the holidays?
AGENCYHolidays shop, travel ...
ACTOUTDemonstrate to Bill on holidays (3,3)
SUITCASESauciest dress for the holidays (8)
FLEASNAVIDADInfestation that occurs only during holidays?
LIEUHolidays owed, time in ...
INTOWNHome for the holidays, say
VACILLATIONWavering badly in the holidays
ORDEALTraveling around the holidays, maybe
AGENTHolidays specialist, travel ...
HESBillie Holiday's "___ Funny That Way"
INNHoliday's follower
SPACEDOUTWhere really high flyers can be found with Dutch on holidays on drugs (6-3)
STRESSEmphasise end of holidays, and lock (6)
MOONThe dates of some holidays are based on its phase
HOLUSBOLUSShort holidays around America to get Chuck back with you casually all at once (5-5)
PUSTurns up at end of holidays and needs to be cleaned out (3)
DECCARecord label for Billie Holiday's "Lover Man"
HOLSTComposr taking brief holidays by the end of August
IVESCharles ___, American modernist composer of the four movement A Symphony: New England Holidays (4)
MONTHCommencing May or November, take holidays for four weeks (5)
TULIPLocal fool blossoms before the summer holidays (5)
ROCKINGSteed on springs (7,5)
ARhot springs state (abbr.)
COILSpring's shape
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