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Crossword Answers: Spring-holidays
EASTERSSpring holidays
PASSOVERSpring holiday
EASTERSpring holiday
EASTERWEEKSpring holiday period (6,4)
SPASuitable resort for a spring holiday?
PINEWREATHRing up on the holidays?
HOLDKeep having bits of holidays
MENTHOLA taste of apartment holidays? (7)
IDESRoman holidays
MONDay of many fed. holidays
CLEAVESplit about holidays (6)
RESORTPlace for holidays (6)
HOLISpring festival in the holidays (4)
LEAVEPermission (to take holidays?) (5)
MASEnd of the holidays?
ELFLittle help for the holidays?
AGENCYHolidays shop, travel ...
ACTOUTDemonstrate to Bill on holidays (3,3)
BLUESLegendary jazz singer Billie Holiday's autobiography, Lady Sings The ...
SUMMERSEASONTime when most people take holidays (6,6)
LEAVEOUTDon't include for a couple of holidays perhaps (5,3)
TRIREMEAre there three bank holidays for the rest of its crew? (7)
BREAKSUPEnds relationship, so begins the holidays (6,2)
AUGUSTINE14 with a month for holidays (one on Tyneside?) (9)
TRAVELAGENTDealer in air tickets, package holidays etc (6,5)
PACKAGETOURSDad getting chased by goatsucker ruined the holidays (7,5)
CHARLATANPointless heir to the throne with possible evidence of having been on holiday's a fraud (9)
SPACEDOUTWhere really high flyers can be found with Dutch on holidays on drugs (6-3)
BAGSStart of 22 across is locally comparable for the holidays (4)

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