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Crossword Answers: Spring-holidays
EASTERSSpring holidays
PASSOVERSpring holiday
EASTERSpring holiday
MASHIt goes with bangers in the Christmas holidays (4)
HIGHSEASONMost popular time for holidays (4,6)
SANTASOnes working over the holidays?
TOVAH'L'shanah ___!' (Hebrew 'Happy holidays!')
MERRIERMore cheerful around the holidays, say
IAMS"Home 4 the Holidays" adoption sponsor
ELALAirline that doesn't fly on religious holidays
EARPDoc Holiday's pal
POINSETTIALeaves for the holidays?
CHRISTMASCARROLLERSPeople who recite "Jabberwocky" door-to-door during the holidays?
REGIFTSActs frugally around the holidays, say
CAROLNumber of holidays?
INLAWVisitor for the holidays, maybe
KWANZASWinter holidays since 1966: Var.
WASSAILToast for the holidays
ANDATime ___ half (what bookstore employees get for working holidays)
DEPARTMMTSTORESThey're packed during the holidays
FIRTREESThey're often adorned during the holidays
MOBSThey're in Vegas on holidays
GIFTSThey're exchanged during the holidays
LORDSThey're "a-leaping" during the holidays
SHOPSPrepares for the holidays
FRINGEBENEFITSPaid holidays and sick leave, e.g.
AUGUSTMonth with no major holidays
AGENCIESHoliday-organising businesses, travel ...
MIAMIFamous Florida holiday resort (5)
SOLCosta del ___, Spanish holiday region (3)
BOARDINGKENNELSPlace to leave your dog when you go on holiday (8,7)
CHALETHoliday camp dwelling (6)
ROCKCylindrical candy bought at holiday resorts (4)
ARMSSome holiday greenery
OAKAPPLE___ Day, former public holiday on May 29 in Britain commemorating the Restoration in 1660 (3,5)
IDESRoman holiday?
SEASHOREOcean liner popular with holiday-makers (8)
VILLANELLE Poem: "The Holiday Home, the Royal Mistress and Earl" (10)
CAMPSITEMake reference to installing electrical units for outdoor holiday venue (8)
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