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Crossword Answers: Spring-holidays
EASTERSSpring holidays
JEANCLAUDECANNEDHAM"... on holidays you serve ___..."
TETSAnnual Hanoi holidays
ASINBillie Holiday's "It's ___ to Tell a Lie"
ANDIBillie Holiday's "Me, Myself, ___"
ELSESBillie Holiday's "You Can't Be Mine (And Someone ___ Too)"
MISSBillie Holiday's "___ Brown to You"
EENYBillie Holiday's "___ Meeny Miney Mo"
LADYDAYBillie Holiday's nickname
ELEANORABillie Holiday's real first name
GIFTWRAPBusy department during the holidays
INDONESIACountry where both "Ascension of Christ" and "Ascension of Muhammad" are official holidays
EVESDays before holidays
FIREvergreen decorated for the holidays
BAKEGet ready for the holidays?
CHRISTMASCARDINHigh-fashion design for the holidays?
EVEHoliday's yesterday
GRAHAM"Appalachian Spring" choreographer
MARTHAGRAHAM"Appalachian Spring" choreographer
ECOL"Silent Spring" subj.
DDT"Silent Spring" subj.
RITE"--- of Spring"
ELIOT"... stirring dull roots with spring rain" writer T. S.
TRA" that bloom in the spring, ___-la"
LAURYNHILL"After winter must come spring/Change it comes eventually"
AARON"Appalachian Spring" composer Copland
AURALEE"As the blackbird in the spring..."
INTERROGATION"Can Spring be far behind?"
RODIN"Eternal Spring" sculptor
FAR"If Winter comes, can Spring be ___ behind?"
ODE"If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?" work
STATEFAIR"It Might As Well Be Spring" musical
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