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Crossword Answers: Spread-the-gospel
PREACHSpread the gospel
SHARESpread the wealth
BLABSpread the news
EVANGELThe gospel
EVANGELICOf the gospel
HANDOUTLEAFLETSOne way to spread the word
HIREASKYWRITEROne way to spread the word
RENTABILLBOARDOne way to spread the word
NUTELLA"Spread the happy" sloganeer
SEEDAGEWay to spread the green?
BRUIT___ about (spread the word)
SAFIRE"Spread the Word" author
EVANGELISMPreaching of the gospel
LANDGRANTGet Amy for the gospel choir?
PREACHEROne familiar with the Gospel
JOHNOne of the Gospel books
LUKEBook of the Gospel
SAINTLUKEEarly spreader of the gospel
CARNEGIE"The Gospel of Wealth" philanthropist author Andrew
TRUTHSERUMIt?ll do you no good lying with the Gospel in hospital inside, some say (5,5)
MEEKSort of people who will inherit the earth, according to the Gospel
AMYGrant in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame
APOSTLEGospel spreader
AMYGRANITERocky gospel singer?
APOSTLESGospel writers
JOHNCONSTABLEPoliceman chasing Gospel artist (4,9)
REMARKMake point about gospel writer (6)
ERMA___ Franklin, Grammy-nominated gospel/R&B singer
HERODIn Matthew's gospel, this king of Judea had all male babies in Bethlehem killed
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