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Crossword Answers: Spread-the-gospel
PREACHSpread the gospel
HIREASKYWRITEROne way to spread the word
RENTABILLBOARDOne way to spread the word
HANDOUTLEAFLETSOne way to spread the word
RETELLSpread the Word
STREWNSpread the rest around two points (6)
NUTELLA"Spread the happy" sloganeer
SEEDAGEWay to spread the green?
BRUIT___ about (spread the word)
SHARESpread the wealth
BLABSpread the news
SAFIRE"Spread the Word" author
CARNEGIE"The Gospel of Wealth" philanthropist author Andrew
EVANGELISMPreaching of the gospel
NEWSMANActor Paul keeps the Sabbath; he helps to spread the word (7)
REEFDon"t spread the sail, it"s a danger to shipping (4)
REACHGet to spread the word after priest decamps (5)
EVANGELICALProtestant, according to the doctrine of the Gospel
APOSTLEOriginally, one sent to preach the gospel (7)
BIBLESThey tell the gospel truth to bighead in bad temper at school (6)
LAZARUSAccording to the Gospel of John, the resurrected brother of Mary and Martha (7)
TRUTHSERUMIt?ll do you no good lying with the Gospel in hospital inside, some say (5,5)
MEEKSort of people who will inherit the earth, according to the Gospel
BRUITSSpreads the news
REPORTSSpreads the news
PREACHESSpreads the Word
TELLSSpreads the Word
ROLLINGPINIt spreads the dough around
REMARKNote about one of the gospels (6)
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