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Crossword Answers: Spokes'-intersection
HUBSpokes' intersection
RADIALArranged like spokes (6)
HUBSWhere spokes meet
RUNGSWheel spokes
RIBSUmbrella spokes
ERNIEKeebler spokes-elf
RADIALLYHow spokes go
RAYEDHaving spokes
RADIATEExtend, as spokes
RADIICircle spokes
ELSIEBorden's spokes-bovine
TUBERJUNCTIONIntersection where you can buy potatoes?
VINEHollywood intersection
EIGHTNumber of spokes on the Buddhism's wheel symbol, the Dharmacakra
PARABOLASymmetrical curve formed by the intersection of a cone with a plane parallel to its side (8)
CARFAXIntersection where four roads meet in the centre of Oxford (6)
ATTHECROSSROADSWhere you must make a decision at the intersection (2,3,10)
STOPMAKINGSENSE1984 rockumentary, or a road sign at a dangerous intersection?
SIGNStudied in semoitics or at a road intersection
FABIOSpokes-hunk for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
RUNALIGHTAFIREASHOTNot stop at intersection / Warm up / Use rifle
NOUTURNSALLOWEDProvision at some busy intersections
STOPLINESThey're painted at many intersections
STREETVENDORSThey're often found near busy intersections
STOPLIGHTSThey turn at busy intersections
RDSThey intersect at intersections: Abbr.
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