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Crossword Answers: Spokes'-intersection
HUBSpokes' intersection
RADIALArranged like spokes (6)
HUBSWhere spokes meet
RUNGSWheel spokes
RIBSUmbrella spokes
ERNIEKeebler spokes-elf
RADIALLYHow spokes go
RAYEDHaving spokes
RADIATEExtend, as spokes
RADIICircle spokes
ELSIEBorden's spokes-bovine
CROSSAngry at the intersection
SPAGHETTIIntersection at Bologna, perhaps (9)
BOXJUNCTIONIntersection marked with yellow lines (3,8)
CROSSOVERPoint of intersection (9)
RADICALHaving spokes injected with carbon is basic (7)
EIGHTNumber of spokes on the Buddhism's wheel symbol, the Dharmacakra
CAMBRIDGECIRCUSIntersection of Shaftesbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road (9,6)
ORIGINIntersection of the x-axis and y-axis
AMAZEMENTGreat surprise shown by chaps following a maze to reach intersection (9)
FABIOSpokes-hunk for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
ARROWSignal at busy intersections
GRIDLOCKTraffic jam at intersections (8)
NODICALConcerning intersections and loci, maybe (7)
NOUTURNSALLOWEDProvision at some busy intersections
STOPLINESThey're painted at many intersections
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