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Crossword Answers: Spirits-of-Scandinavia
AQUAVITSpirits of Scandinavia
LARSLawrence of Scandinavia
ARCTICLike some of Scandinavia
LAPPNomad of Scandinavia
LAPPSArctic dwellers of Scandinavia
TUNDRAMuch of Scandinavia
HEARTENLift the spirits of
ELATELift the spirits of
SYLPHSAiry spirits of lore
FURIESAvenging spirits of mythology
MANESDefied spirits of ancient rome
UNBOLSTERDim the spirits of
NUMINAGuardian spirits of ancient Rome
ABALeague with the Spirits of St. Louis: Abbr.
ELATESLifts the spirits of
PEPUPRevive the spirits of
SKOAL"Salut!" in Scandinavia
NORDICFrom Scandinavia
LOKIGod of discord, in Scandinavia
ELKMeat eaten in Scandinavia
THENATIONALGODOdin, in ancient Scandinavia?
LAPLANDRegion encompassing northern Scandinavia
NORSERelating to medieval Scandinavia or its peoples, languages, or cultures
FJORDEXPLORERVehicle for touring Scandinavia?
ALISON"Familiar Spirits" author Lurie
WITHIN"Final Fantasy: The Spirits ___" (2001)
OTOOLE"High Spirits" star, 1988
ALLENDE"The House of Spirits" author
ISABEL"The House of Spirits" author Allende
ICARE"___ not for my spirits": Shak.
ARE"___ they not all ministering spirits" (Heb 1:14)
ANGELFOOD*Victuals for winged spirits?
MINTJULEPSA mo. in high spirits?
LACEAdd spirits
LACEDAdded spirits

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