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Crossword Answers: Spirits-of-Scandinavia
AQUAVITSpirits of Scandinavia
VIABy way of Scandinavia, finally (3)
TUNDRAMuch of Scandinavia
RYARug of Scandinavia
LAPPSArctic dwellers of Scandinavia
LAPPNomad of Scandinavia
ARCTICLike some of Scandinavia
LARSLawrence of Scandinavia
GLADDENRaise the spirits of tot in depression
ELATEDRaised spirits of
BUOY___ up; lift the spirits of
UPLIFTRaise the spirits of
PEPUPRevive the spirits of
ELATESLifts the spirits of
HEARTENLift the spirits of
NUMINAGuardian spirits of ancient Rome
UNBOLSTERDim the spirits of
MANESDefied spirits of ancient rome
ELATEBuoy the spirits of
FURIESAvenging spirits of mythology
SYLPHSAiry spirits of lore
OPTICWhat might measure the spirits of the viewer? (5)
CHEEREDApplauded the good spirits of little Edward (7)
ABALeague with the Spirits of St. Louis: Abbr.
VERVEThe spirit of the over-venturesome (5)
SHADESpirit of gloom (5)
EPITOMISINGCapturing spirit of
TENORThe spirit of the singer (5)
SPECTRESpirit of honour about to end (7)
SATANThe supreme spirit of evil
PERISpirit of Persian folklore
CAMARADERIEFriends' spirit of trust (11)
PIGGINAnimal spirit of small wooden vessel (6)
GINGHAMGood actor follows spirit of material (7)
ANIMATIONSpirit of Scotland perhaps embracing case of idealism (9)
ORLYLindbergh's Spirit of St Louis landed at this Paris airfield in 1927 to complete the first solo airb
URIEL"The sharpest-sighted Spirit of all in Heaven," in "Paradise Lost"
AVENGINGANGELNot a spirit of forgiveness (8,5)
IMPELPush the Spanish with a spirit of mischief (5)
REIDBill ___, Canadian sculptor whose works include 1986 bronze The Spirit of Haida Gwaii, the Black Can
AVIATEIn Scandinavia, termite or fly? (6)
AVIATORAirman coming from Scandinavia to Russia
ODINParty rising in power in old Scandinavia
NORWAYNo right approach in Scandinavia (6)
CAVAIndians leave Scandinavia with sparkling wine (4)
OSLONORWAYCapital in Scandinavia
ABSOLUTSpirits in Scandinavia
IKEAChain from Scandinavia
DANISHBACONGourmet import from Scandinavia
FINISHOFFReports one from Scandinavia is away somewhere in Kill (6,3)
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