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Crossword Answers: Spirits-of-Scandinavia
AQUAVITSpirits of Scandinavia
TUNDRAMuch of Scandinavia
LAPPSArctic dwellers of Scandinavia
LAPPNomad of Scandinavia
ARCTICLike some of Scandinavia
LARSLawrence of Scandinavia
PEPUPRevive the spirits of
ELATESLifts the spirits of
HEARTENLift the spirits of
ABALeague with the Spirits of St. Louis: Abbr.
NUMINAGuardian spirits of ancient Rome
UNBOLSTERDim the spirits of
MANESDefied spirits of ancient rome
ELATEBuoy the spirits of
FURIESAvenging spirits of mythology
SYLPHSAiry spirits of lore
JINNSpirit of Islamic myth
DJINNSpirit of Islamic myth
DAVYJONESSpirit of the sea
RUMSpirit of the sea
LOUISCharles Lindbergh made the successful trans-Atlantic flight in his custom aircraft, the Spirit of St
STLOUISCharles Lindburgh's story was told in the 1957 movie, The Spirit of ... (2,5)
EDENBiblical place Talk Talk had the "Spirit of"
STOLISpirit of St. Petersburg?
BANQUOSpirit of Renaissance theater
DJINNISpirit of Muslim legend (Var.)
GENIESpirit of the lamp
ALAIn the spirit of
BANSHEESpirit of folklore
PLANEThe Spirit of St. Louis, e.g.
ARIELSpirit of "The Tempest"
NYMPHPretty spirit of Greek myth
KELPIEWater spirit of Celtic myth
VODKAThe spirit of Russia?
MASSACHUSETTSState with "Spirit of America" license plates
SPIRITOFGODSpirit of truth
VIKINGSShortly to compete with notable college from Scandinavia (7)
OSLONORWAYCapital in Scandinavia
ABSOLUTSpirits in Scandinavia
IKEAChain from Scandinavia
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