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Crossword Answers: Spirits-of-Scandinavia
AQUAVITSpirits of Scandinavia
RYARug of Scandinavia
VIABy way of Scandinavia, finally (3)
TUNDRAMuch of Scandinavia
LAPPSArctic dwellers of Scandinavia
LAPPNomad of Scandinavia
ARCTICLike some of Scandinavia
LARSLawrence of Scandinavia
BUOY___ up; lift the spirits of
UPLIFTRaise the spirits of
PEPUPRevive the spirits of
ELATESLifts the spirits of
HEARTENLift the spirits of
NUMINAGuardian spirits of ancient Rome
UNBOLSTERDim the spirits of
MANESDefied spirits of ancient rome
ELATEBuoy the spirits of
FURIESAvenging spirits of mythology
SYLPHSAiry spirits of lore
ABALeague with the Spirits of St. Louis: Abbr.
SPECTRESpirit of honour about to end (7)
SATANThe supreme spirit of evil
PERISpirit of Persian folklore
CAMARADERIEFriends' spirit of trust (11)
PIGGIN Animal spirit of small wooden vessel (6)
GINGHAMGood actor follows spirit of material (7)
EPITOMISECapture spirit of
ANIMUSThe spirit of enmity
GENEVAOld spirit of Switzerland (6)
WRAITHSpirit of legal document covers a link to hospital (6)
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